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Friday random ten: Songs of the Century, part 9 (

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Focus on the Family Community: Relationships and Marriage: Jealous ...

My husband and I have been married for 18 years. I first discovered his addiction to porn about 3 1/2 years into our marriage when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. Needless to say, I was devastated. I won't go into the details of the ensuing years, but I have found porn on his computer numerous times since. Each time he apologizes and claims he won't do it again, but he refuses to go to counseling--says he is embarrassed to have anyone else know of his struggle.


When I first found the porn, I was ready to walk out the door, though I had absolutely no idea how I would support myself and a new baby. But when I started packing, I heard God tell me very plainly to say and try to save my marriage.


For several years, my husband was very active on what was called a MUDD. It was an early version of online games that could be played with other people. Numerous times I saw where he had made inappropriate comments to some of the female players. I let him know that comments like that from him to them made me feel worthless in his eyes. He would usually tell me that what he was doing was some harmless flirting and that I shouldn't get so upset about it. (Hello! We are married! What is he doing flirting with other women?)


When our oldest child was about 5 months old, I had gone away for a few days to our denominational church camp. Partway through the camp, I had to call my husband for some reason, but couldn't reach him at home. I thought maybe he had been called into work (his hours were very unpredictable). When I called his place of employment, they said he had taken a couple of days off work. A fear when through my heart like none other I have ever known. I found a ride home, went straight to the computer to see if he had left some indication of where he had gone, and found that he had gone to another state (about a 7 or 8 hour trip) to meet a woman he had played with on the MUDD. I was furious and devastated all at the same time. When he come home, I confronted him with what I knew, but he said she was just a friend and that I was blowing things way out of proportion and that nothing had happened between them. A 7 or 8 hour trip to meet a woman and they are just friends and nothing happened? I had a hard time swallowing that one. He still claims that there was nothing sexual between them. Since I have no proof otherwise, I have chosen to believe him.


When our youngest child was about 2 or 3, my husband admitted that he had been having an affair with one of his coworkers. He only said that they did some things about which he was ashamed, but that they had never actually had sex. I chose to forgive him and move on with our marriage, though we never went to counseling. We had four children, and I would rather suffer and keep the home together than to split it up and make our kids have to choose between their dad and mom.


Recently, my husband has switched jobs and has begun e-mailing one of his new coworkers several times a day (most of them have been personal and not work related). He says they are just friends, but I worry about the relationship and have confronted him about it several times. It just seems strange to me that a married man would need to e-mail a woman who's not his wife so many times a day. The first time I said anything to him, he became very angry and said that my intense jealousy keeps him from having any female friends. I told him that that is not true because he is friends with many women in our church, he is friends with my sister, and my sisters-in-law, and I'm not jealous of any of them. He has told me over and over that this woman is not a threat to our marriage, but I can't shake the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that she is more to him than he lets on. For a while I tried checking his e-mail, but he found out about it and began deleting them (I found his replies, but not what she had sent to him), and then started using a totally different e-mail account that is password protected. He knows any time I get on his computer, so it is impossible for me to check up on him without his knowledge. He claims he has not e-mailed her for a couple of weeks, but I have no way of verifying that. I want to believe him, but because of his previous times of unfaithfulness, I have an extremely difficult time trusting him. I don't believe divorce is the answer, but I am truly at my wits end what to do to get him to see that his behaviour with other women is, at times, very inapproriate for a married man and hurtful to me.


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Moving To China In Three Simple Steps | Articles Scoop

Staying in China is one of the best things that one can decide. Though some have few apprehensions, it is not difficult at all to go there and live contentedly. There are a few things you need to do before making a trip. These three things are: good travel site online, visa booking agent and a real estate agent. You will be able to transfer smoothly and efficiently once you get everything right.

First, check out some travel sites which can book you a flight to China. Form these sites, you?ll learn about fare promos and discounts. Most people usually visit kayak or Priceline for flights scheduled to China. The usual fare from United States to China is around one thousand dollars. This can still go up once you choose business class or VIP flights. Among the steps to be taken, booking a flight is easiest to do.

The second thing to consider is getting a visa. This is very important and should be given time to process. Nowadays, this is made easier through online visa processing. All you have to do is know what type of visa to get. Are you going to work or study in China? This question alone will help you determine the purpose of your visa. One need not go to an embassy to have this covered.

The third thing to settle is to find a suitable house to live. There are sites which feature top real estate agents who can help you out with various residences available in any cities in China. Get to know these agents more and seek expert advise when it comes to choosing a house in China. There may be a small number of Chinese agents who can speak English, an online search will be able to help you so you will be given more options. One can even check out photos for several apartments or residential houses you can occupy.

Upon checking out houses that best fit your needs, you can already plan your trip to China. Remember to contact real estate agents who will be your guide in checking out these residences. Though there are only a few Chinese who speak English, get to know more about your agents online in order for you to inquire and iron out details. There are some agents who will even show pictures so you have more idea what to expect once you get there. Building a good relationship with them will be rewarding since they will be helping you out once you arrive in China. You don?t even have to stay in hotel long because in just a matter of days, you will be moving in to your new house.

China is home to many rich, cultural traditions and interesting sights to behold. Choosing to live here will be one of the rewarding experiences one can have. Learning their language and culture will make us understand how enjoyable it is to learn their way of lives. As long as everything is properly handled from tickets and visa to the house you will occupy, then everything will be perfect enough to make that move to China positively easy.

Want to find out more about Moving to China, then visit Mike Stanzi?s site on how to choose the best Travel in China for your needs.


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What kind of teaching supplies do you have in your classroom ...

Question by Mary E: What kind of teaching supplies do you have in your classroom?
I recently received my own classroom at my work to teach daily living skills groups and I have a lot of room for supplies. I don?t know what to do with all the space! I have basic art supplies nonetheless other than that I have no idea what to buy! I am teaching adults with severe mental illnesses/disabilities. Any ideas?!

Best answer:

Answer by bikerwitch
Think about what you might need to teach ? poster board, manipulative?s for teaching math. If you are teaching them how to cook simple things, make sure you have everything you need.

I would also have plenty of kleenex and paper towels. Paper plates and plastic tableware. Paper (both lined an unlined). Clorox wipes to clean surfaces quickly and don?t forget hand sanitizer.

You might also go to a teacher supply store (or check one out on the internet if you don?t have one in your city) and just browse. You would be startled at the things you will contemplate of when you see them.

Give your answer to this question below!


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Friday, July 29, 2011

JetBlue Is Offering All You Can Jet Deal for 3 Months with BluePass [Dealzmodo]

JetBlue has offered unlimited travel deals in the past with their All You Can Jet package, but this time they're giving you even more time to travel. You can fly anywhere, as much as you want for three freaking months! More »


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Most Common Breast Cancer on the Rise in US ( ...

28th July 2011 ????? 0 Comments

Breast cancer rates, which had been declining in the U.S. since 2000, leveled off in 2007 and since then have remained relatively constant, a new study shows.

But a closer look at the study tells two stories: one of steadiness and one of change.

?Breast cancer is not one disease,? said William Anderson, a cancer epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute and author of the new paper. ?It?s the sum of these two different types of cancer that have different risk factors and different trends.?

The study showed that the hard-to-treat, estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer (ER-negative) has been declining steadily since 1992.

However, rates of the more common ER-positive breast cancer, showed more variance. From 1992 to 2000, its incidence rose, peaking at 232 cases per 100,000 women. Then, it dropped sharply from 2000 to 2003. Since then, it?s been slightly increasing.

The reasons for these different rates aren?t fully understood yet.

?There are possibly some risk factors in the population that affect these types of tumors differently,? Anderson said. ?The cancers are really different, so one would expect that.?

The study will be published in the September issue of the Journal of National Cancer Institute.

Constant rates

From the 1940s, when they were first tracked, through the early 2000s, breast cancer rates consistently rose. The use of mammography led to better detection, so more cases were diagnosed, and the widespread use of hormone replacement therapy by women after menopause likely triggered some cancers, Anderson said.

A shift away from hormone replacement therapy in 2002 ? when it was linked to breast cancer ? led to a drop in the numbers. That drop has since leveled out, this and other studies show.

But that leveling out has come because the incidence of ER-positive cancer, the most common type of breast cancer, is rising, whereas ER-negative cancer is on the decline, the new study showed.

ER-positive tumors depend on the hormone estrogen for their growth. So drugs that block estrogen receptors can stop the growth of these tumors. But such drugs ? tamoxifen is one of the most popular?have no effect on the rarer ER-negative cancers, which grow without need for the hormone.

?Doctors began to collect the hormone status of tumors around 1990,? Anderson said. ?But it wasn?t widely done at first.? In 1992, 74 percent of breast cancers were analyzed for hormone receptors. Now that?s closer to 95 percent.

Because epidemiologists don?t have the full number of each cancer type from the 1990s, they haven?t been able to make good conclusions about trends in the incidence of each type. But Anderson and his teamed parsed the data in a new way that let them make educated guesses about each tumor that hadn?t been typed. Depending on the year, the woman?s age, and the stage of the cancer, they calculated the probability that each tumor was ER-positive or ER-negative. This filled in the missing gaps from 1992 to 2008.

What the future may hold

Anderson?s team then projected how these numbers will change between now and 2016. Overall rates, they found, will stay around 200 cases per 100,000 women. But ER-negative breast cancer will drop from 43 to 38 cases per 100,000 women, and ER-positive cancers will rise from 158 to 166 cases per 100,000 women.

In a paper published in February, Ahmedin Jemal, an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, was the first to report that overall breast cancer rates are no longer declining as they were a decade ago. The new paper, he said, uses additional historical data to confirm his team?s findings.

Whether the new prediction for future rates will hold true is hard to say, Jemal said.

?I think future trends are very important for planning purposes, but it is always difficult to predict the future,? Jemal said. ?There can be changing risk factors or changing screening rates that we can?t predict now.?

The best news out of the new study, both scientists said, is the decline in ER-negative cancers.

?Those are the more difficult to treat,? Jemal said, ?and generally have worse outcomes, so any decrease at all is good news.?

Pass it on: Although overall breast cancer incidence is steady, the rate of estrogen receptor-negative cancer, the hardest type of breast cancer to treat, is declining.

This story was provided by MyHealthNewsDaily, sister site to LiveScience. Follow MyHealthNewsDaily on Twitter @MyHealth_MHND.

Continue reading here:

Most Common Breast Cancer on the Rise in US

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Tips To Find The Very Best Structured Settlement Company ? Free ...

Are your unpaid medical bills getting you sleepless? A well being problem can impact you both personally and financially. Nevertheless, in the event you fail to give more significance to your accumulating debts, then you may get caught in a financial crisis. It is important to pay back the medical bills then and there. But in the event you fail to make payments, the debts may go sky high. There are lots of individuals who fetch loans to be able to settle down their medical dues. However, relying on loans and paying back interests is also going to cost you money. The following suggestions will assist you to get out of debts in a quick time.

Analyze your Debts ? Consolidate all your bills and how you owe on your medical bills. When you have delayed payments, you will find high chances that there may be penalty charges on your bill for the delay in payment. You are able to merely call up the medical business and ask them for a waiver. Rather you can also explain your situation and give them a deadline for making payments. This will prevent any further penalty being added to your bills.

Get the Needed Money ? Fetching a loan or selling a property may affect your financial stability. Also, in the current economic scenario, fetching a loan takes longer time than you think. Your loan requests might even be turned down if you do not have sufficient collateral. One of the smart methods to get the needed money is to sell your structured settlements. You might have structured settlements from your annuity or Lottery Company or a medical insurance company. Rather than fetching the settlements each and every year, you can rather opt to obtain all of the cash on structured settlements in 1 time. Nevertheless, getting the cash at one shot is not possible if you try to negotiate using the business that pays you the settlements. Rather you need to discover an asset financing business that buys structured settlements.

Assess the Structured Settlement Company ? There are many structured settlement companies in location. You got to appear for a company that has good amount of encounter in selling structured settlements. Prior to you select to take the assist of a structured settlement company, make sure to discover the authenticity and rating with the company.

Singer Asset ( has the experience you need to get the most from your structured settlement.


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New Parking Pay Stations Line Our City Streets of Seattle ...

More than 2,200 pay stations line our city streets in neighborhood business districts and the downtown core making it easier for people to pay for parking.? Most people have become accustomed to using these high tech parking tools that enable parkers to use cash or credit to pay for on street parking.? These ?smart? meters have enabled the city to allow pre-purchased parking and implement multiple parking rates throughout the city.

On Tuesday, June 21, SDOT installed two new ?CityPal? pay stations on Western Avenue, just north of the Pike Place Market.? The CityPal is the newest version of the pay station and these are the first two CityPals installed in the United States.?

The new units feature a 7-inch color touch screen that has been called an ?iPad for the street,? capable of displaying not just parking pricing information, but also maps, wayfinding, and customer service messaging.? The CityPals also feature improved web-based maintenance and programming capabilities that can better handle multiple?rates of parking pricing.? Despite the energy demanding features that CityPals provide, these units are fully powered by the sun through a top-mounted solar panel.? ?The international standard symbol for parking, an upper case ?P?, is mounted high on the unit for visibility and the side panels are customized for Seattle with an image of the Space Needle.?

Posted via Seattle Real Estate-Seattle Homes For Sale

Post by Thach Nguyen

Thach Nguyen is the Founder and CEO of Thach Real Estate Group, company that serves people from diverse cultures and communities in buying, selling and investing in real estate.

Thach has written 1602 articles.


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AP source: Jets agree to terms with WR Holmes (AP)

NEW YORK ? Santonio Holmes is staying put, eager to keep catching passes from Mark Sanchez in big games for the next several seasons.

A person with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the New York Jets have agreed to terms on a five-year deal with the flashy wide receiver, who was regarded as the top player at his position among this year's free agents.

Holmes was also considered the Jets' main priority once the free agency period started Tuesday after the NFL lockout ended after 4 1/2 months Monday. And, New York went to work quickly on making sure they kept one of Sanchez's favorite targets.

The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the team has not announced the deal. Teams can't officially sign free agents until Friday. Financial terms weren't immediately available.

On Twitter, Holmes thanked other players who congratulated him on the deal. He also retweeted a post by fellow Jets free agent Antonio Cromartie, who said: "Congrats to (at)santonio10 on his new deal...that's what I'm talking abt. Good friend and excellent teammate."

Holmes, acquired last offseason from Pittsburgh, had 52 catches for 746 yards and six touchdowns for the Jets and established himself as the go-to guy he was while with the Steelers. After returning from a four-game suspension to start the season, Holmes quickly developed a rapport with Sanchez, who said Tuesday he was willing to restructure his contract if it helped the Jets go after free agents.

While it's unclear if any restructuring by Sanchez or any player was done, the Jets were aggressive in bringing Holmes back. They are also reportedly in talks with Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who is regarded as the top overall free agent available.

New York entered the free agent period with 16 unrestricted players, including Holmes and offensive lineman Wayne Hunter, who agreed to terms on a four-year deal on Tuesday. The Jets might also be turning their attention to wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who had 53 catches for 904 yards and seven touchdowns this last season.

"Congrats to (at)santonio10 Great player and good friend!" Edwards wrote on his Twitter page.

Edwards has said he wants to remain in New York, but it was thought the Jets would need to choose between him and Holmes because it would be unlikely they could afford to keep both.

"It was such a luxury to have both of them last year," Sanchez said. "It's almost unrealistic to have that kind of a receiving corps again. Whichever guys we get back, it's going to be them playing really well, and me getting even better."

Meanwhile, Edwards was due in court in Cleveland on Wednesday to find out whether he broke his probation there by driving drunk in New York City.

Holmes, 27, was acquired from Pittsburgh last April for a fifth-round pick ? an incredibly low price for a former Super Bowl MVP. But Holmes had some off-field issues, and the Steelers were finished with him despite the fact he was coming off a season in which he set career highs with 79 catches and 1,248 yards receiving.

There was a lawsuit in Florida from a woman who claimed he threw a glass at her, cutting her above the eye. He was arrested in 2008 for possession of marijuana and involved in a domestic violence incident in 2006; the misdemeanor charges were later dismissed. He was also accused of telling a fan to "kill urself" on his Twitter page, but implied that his account was hacked.

After coming to the Jets, a flight attendant claimed Holmes failed to follow regulations as the plane he was aboard landed in Pittsburgh. He also was forced to sit out the first four games of this season for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

General manager Mike Tannenbaum acknowledged that the Jets were taking a risk, but insisted it would be worth it. And, he was right.

Holmes was a big-time playmaker in the clutch, helping lead New York to its second straight AFC championship game. Holmes played key roles in three straight wins with big catches late in games, prompting coach Rex Ryan to call key moments "Tone Time."


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texas Small Business Grants | Business and Finance

The Federal, state and local governments have a wide range of financing programs to help small businesses start and grow their operations. The programs include low-interest loans, venture capital, and scientific and economic development grants. The Federal Government offer grants to programs that fall under the following categories: Agriculture, Arts, Business and Commerce, Community Development, Food and N utrition, Health, Housing, Humanities, Information and Statistics, Law, Justice and Legal Services, Natural Resources, Regional Development, Science and Technology and Social Services.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) works with existing and startup small companies to help in every phase of the business cycle, including financing.City of Austin Small Business Development Program offers training and technical assistance to anyone starting, expanding, or managing a small business. They can be reached at OneTexasCenter,1stFloor,505, Barton Springs Rd., Austin, Texas .

Government grants are designed to assist businesses, but usually it? goes to agencies and nonprofit organizations which perform some service for business or benefit business in some way, such as community development in rural area. Online catalog from the U.S. Government contains a listing of all available government grants. You can also find this in printed form in Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, Faulk Central Library, Grants Center, 2nd floor .

Different types of business grants are available at banks to small business owners. The major items that most lenders need when you apply for a loan are: legal papers to establish ownership of the business; description and history of the business; resumes of owners and managers of the business; current personal financial statements of owner, partners, officers of the business; business plan; tax returns for the previous three years; current financial statement of the business; list of proposed uses of the loan; list of assets and debts of the company and list of collateral of the company. Qualifying for such loans at a bank may be difficult. The other lending organizations that offer loans to businesses that are not eligible for conventional bank loans are nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organization provides credit to small businesses that do not have any current bankruptcies, have either an established (1 year old) business or an alternate source of income, and do not have access to loans from commercial sources. They lend 0-,000 to existing businesses or start-ups.BiGAUSTIN is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides training and loans to small businesses, especially minority- and women-owned businesses, in Central Texas. It provides loans up to ,000 to start-ups and up to ,000 for established businesses.

They can be reached at Business Investment Growth, BiGAUSTIN, 1050 East 11th Street Ste 350,Austin ,TX .Capital CDC is the largest, top ranked Certified Development Corporation in Texas providing SBA 504 loans for fixed assets such as land or buildings. CapitalCDC, Wild Basin One, 110 Wild Basin Road, Suite 270,Austin, Texas.

Small Business Grant Source:
Learn the application procedures, various funding sources for specific types of businesses and eligibility criteria for small business grants. You can find the most comprehensive information on availing of small business grants by visiting this online guide on grants here


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Deal of the Day ? Dell Inspiron 620s ?Sandy Bridge? Core i5 Slim Tower

Today?s LogicBUY Deal is the newest slim tower Inspiron 620s Core i5 with ?Sandy Bridge? cpu for $499.99.? Features:? 6GB memory, 1TB hard drive, 1GB Radeon HD 6450 graphics, in classic black or 4 other system colors.? Can be customized. $794.99 – $125 off – $170 coupon code = $499.99 with free shipping This deal [...]


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Cellular Phone Accessories ? Top Devices For Your Mobile | Indometric

Now mobile phone accessories range from the low tech to high tech as well as useful to unusual. It is just up to you to decide what if any of them you need or want or cannot do without.

The leather protective case could help you to keep your cell phone from scratching as well as you can get one with your favorite character or sport team logo.

If you want the personal touch, then various faceplates and skins will give you an opportunity to express your style. They are able to turn a plain cell phone into a work of art.

The other quite handy mobile phone accessories are vibrating belt clips and belt clips. In fact, they are able to cut off the chance of misplacing your cell phone or dropping important calls. You have to know that vibrating belt clip will alert you to calls while giving you an opportunity to turn this feature off on your mobile phone and save on battery life.

Cell phone antenna amplifier works on any cell phone as well as could improve your cell phone signal by up to five if not more times its normal strength. To say the truth, cell phone repeater is probably the best mobile phone accessory for those who live or work in area with low cell phone signal.

If you are tired of recharging your mobile phone battery every five house or something about so, then it is most likely that you have to invest into higher and long lasting mobile phone batteries.

Car chargers offer you an opportunity to charge your cell phone from the convenience of your car while wall mobile phone charges allow charging from electrical outlets. In any case, you still need to invest in mobile phone accessory that is known as cell phone charger.

Various vehicle sets are mounted into the car and enable you to charge your mobile phone while in the cradle and in some cases give you access to an outside antenna for better reception and phone hands free use.

Different headsets for cell phones offer hands-free capability as well as are the most bought cell phone accessory these days. Frankly speaking, headpieces are placed around or in your ear as well as have a microphone that could be muted or activated with just a touch of a button.

Frankly speaking, hands free devices that utilize Bluetooth technology in order to connect to your mobile phone without wires. However, these accessories require a battery source or have to be kept charging. It is necessary for you to have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone or an adapter for your cell phone to use Bluetooth headset. This mobile phone accessory could be easily used both inside and outside the car.

Modern high technologies have absorbed the world and our minds. Can you just imagine our life without all those computers, automated machines, and especially cell phones? Moreover practically all the companies depend on mobile communication. Cell phone has become our inalienable part, and when it does not work ? it is a serious problem for many of us. To ensure a proper signal delivery one can use a booster available on this cell phone repeater online spot. Those who are looking for this kind of equipment, are welcomed to this signal gsm booster site ? the right place on the Internet to purchase the devices.

Don?t get upset if you haven?t found the wanted one, bear in mind that our world is the world of web technologies. Use Google and other search engines, look for gsm mobile repeater and similar queries, visit forums and social networks, subscribe to RSS feeds on the blogs ? all this will assist you to find what you need at the best price available on the market.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sony PlayStation NGP: What to Expect From Sony's New Gaming ...

Picture playing with a gaming console with very sensible graphics and sound. Picture a gaming console which has the ability to allow you to play with countless people worldwide inside a virtual community by connecting you to the web. Then, imagine a gaming console that provides you freedom from wires and cables, one that provides you the most effective gaming encounters at any time plus a gaming expertise you are going to by no means come across in almost every other gaming console.

Sony is known to build one of the most superior gaming consoles obtainable. In the course of its time, the Playstation NGP is among the most superior and also one of the most well-known gaming consoles in the world. This also paved the way in which for Sony to build the PlayStation 2 and like its predecessor; Playstation NGP is also by far the most superior gaming console obtainable in the market throughout its time.

Currently, because of the continuing development in gaming console technology getting supplied by several corporations, Sony again created by far the most superior gaming consoles in the market presently. This is referred to as the PlayStation three. With the PlayStation three, you could anticipate to expertise the most effective online game play that you can at any time have.

Integrated with the superior technology, for example the latest central processing unit along with the latest graphics processing unit, PlayStation three will likely be capable to provide spectacular substantial definition graphics for your online game play.

It really is a truth the PlayStation three is Sony?s most modern item at any time launched. Some people even think about the PlayStation three as the greatest entertainment powerhouse. In addition to, with a PlayStation three, who requirements CD people or DVD people when you have everything in one program in the PlayStation three?

This new innovation from Sony is also outfitted with Wi-Fi technology which will enable you to accessibility the web and play on line PlayStation three game titles with countless people all more than the world. As a result of this, you are going to be joining an on line community where you could chat and make pals from someone from halfway around the globe.

Also, the Sony PlayStation three is also outfitted with the most superior disc push referred to as the Blu-ray push. Blu-ray discs can manage 5 occasions far more data than your normal DVD. This implies there will likely be far more leverage for online game builders to create a far more sensible and utilize their inventiveness. With the substantial capacity Blu-ray disc, the possibilities are practically endless.

A different advantage that you can anticipate from PlayStation three will be the backward compatibility. This implies that your expense in your aged PlayStation and PlayStation 2 game titles will by no means visit waste. PlayStation and PlayStation 2 game titles can nevertheless be played in the PlayStation three. This innovation is among the highlights of PlayStation three.

With a CPU which could run at three.2 GHz, plus a built-in memory of 512MB of RAM, you could anticipate good quality overall performance and greatest enjoyment when playing your preferred game titles. The unit will even contain a hard push where you could store your saved game titles at a higher capacity than memory cards.

Bluetooth wireless controllers will likely be capable to give you freedom when you play your preferred game titles. You could play wherever you would like so long as the Bluetooth signal is in assortment with the controller. This implies far more freedom and you won?t be caught inside a single spot when playing PlayStation three game titles.

With a substantial library of well-known online game titles, PlayStation three is surely a have to have for just about every household. Now you realize about PlayStation three, you?d surely want one to your home additionally for your current home entertainment program. PlayStation three is scheduled for launch in November 2006 in Japan, United states and Canada and on March 2007 in Europe and Australasia.Now get the Playstation NGP for Free Here!

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86% Submarine

All Critics (110) | Top Critics (28) | Fresh (94) | Rotten (15)

The result is a small, delicate comedy that depends on a continuity of tone that it pulls off. Oliver may not live happily ever after; but he manages to live happily enough here, and that's just fine.

An exercise in briny Welsh Weltzschmerz that tracks the inner and outer worlds of a confused teenage boy.

"Submarine'' has its own specific miseries and darkly funny vibe. It makes quirkiness briefly seem like a good thing again.

For an unreliable narrator, Oliver's story is reliably entertaining.

Ayoade owes a debt to Wes Anderson, but the parents here are so beautifully written, and Hawkins and Taylor particularize them so well, that the movie manages to hold its own.

These things could have easily resulted in a mass outbreak of broad comedy, but the actors play their roles completely straight. In Submarine, you truly ache through the awkward moments -- even as you're laughing out loud.

Submarine is a closed world like the best stories, a complete movie in every sense.

As familiar as "Submarine" looked, it's hard to overlook Ayoade's natural skill as a storyteller with an affinity for character and humor. If he grows into his own visual style, he's definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on.

Somewhere in the space between Gregory's Girl and Rushmore lies Submarine, a charming coming of age romantic comedy.

Oliver's oddball earnestness and desperation [come] across as wan affectations.

Ayoade has taken the old chestnut about each of us being the stars of the film of our life and played it out to its logical artistic extremes.

This is one you'll want to see now, before everyone else catches up with it on video and realizes how great it is, and once you see it, my guess is you'll feel just as strongly about Ayoade as I do.

A bit contrived, maybe, but with Oliver's dryly hilarious voiceover, Ayoade's eye for whimsically profound visuals, and music by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, it makes more sense than it should.

Submarine pulls off the difficult trick of being bittersweet without being saccharine and does so with a quietly riotous aplomb.

The overall flick is okay, and I wasn't ever bored. I just would the quirkiness would have amounted to something more than just affect. (Full Content Parental Review also available)

In its own right, "Submarine" is one of the best movies of the year.

Refreshingly, it appears that Oliver and Jordana are one of the few couples in a high school movie who have sex too soon in their relationship, but don't totally regret it later, as if it all has to fit in some sort of relationship utopia.

This is Ayoade's feature debut, and it's fairly stunning.

"Submarine" is a deft/daft comedy about coming of age in a media age, when all coming-of-age problems have been cataloged in books, movies, TV.

The main problem with Submarine is that Oliver is not a likable protagonist.

The dry black humor that pervades the triumphs and tragedies of young Oliver's life has the unexpected effervescence of hyperbole

More Critic Reviews


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How to Choose a Good Boarding Facility for Your Pets

[unable to retrieve full-text content]There are a variety of occasions that may cause a pet owner to have to board their cat or dog up for a few days, including vacation, fumigation or renovations. Sometimes these animal owners ask family or friends to take care of their pet for a few days or hire a professional pet sitter. However, to ensure their pet gets exactly the kind of care they need, many pet owners opt for a qualified boarding facility.


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Is Another Friday Night Lights Movie in the Works? (omg!)

Friday Night Lights may be coming to a theater near you ? again.

Executive Producer Peter Berg, who directed the original film on which the NBC series is based, confirms to that he is developing a Friday Night Lights movie. A man of few words, Berg merely states, "I am," when asked if he's developing the film to continue the story of Coach and Tami Taylor (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, respectively).

News of a possible film came out on Thursday when editor in chief Bill Simmons tweeted, "Peter Berg told us he wants to do an FNL movie with Chandler/Britton off the final episode."

Friday Night Lights' Jason Katims on Emmy Noms "Touchdown," How the Finale Came Together

Friday Night Lights, which airs its series finale Friday on NBC, was adapted for television from the 2004 movie that starred Billy Bob Thornton and Britton, who reprised her role opposite Chandler when the series came to TV in 2006. The critically acclaimed series also received three Emmy nominations Thursday for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama for Chandler and Britton.

Universal Pictures, which had produced the original movie, says, "We do not currently have a FNL movie in development." So maybe they have no current plans, but we're hoping that will change soon.

Would you head to the theaters for another Friday Night Lights movie?

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Different Styles of Garage Doors ? HOME IMPROVEMENT

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Important Things You Ought To Know Concerning Improve Your ...

Strain may have a really bad effect on our systems and to boost vision we?re going to must also take on this concern. Unlike what you might think strain shines while one of the most popular lead to for many health conditions can affect vision. Just try to lessen strain amounts you?re going to reside a very much more content and longer life, not to mention better. This too involves vision linked issues.

Strain will result in your brain and body to become tense. These kinds of things can often lead to vision issues. If you find that you happen to be as well anxious and you would like to boost vision you?ll need to locate different ways in places you can unwind and stay calm always. Whenever you unwind the particular body can react and this includes up your eyes. If your eyesight muscles are calm they are also much more versatile. This particular instantly comes with an result and it will be possible to further improve vision.

You simply must appropriately recognize and find out different ways in places you can help to eliminate strain. A very important thing achievable is to handle occasion effectively and plan the particular daily schedule appropriately. Make a priority of all of the things which can be highly important. In addition, you will need to relaxation around your body requirements. We recommend that you simply focus on your diet, try to reduce the intake involving alcohol consumption, coffee and also quit smoking.

We recommend that you attempt to be positive within your tactic of everything. Usually do not keep issues in a tight way up within anyone and mention any situation that disturbs anyone. One the easiest way to lessen strain to further improve vision is to produce excellent connection skills. Just try to become encompassed by friends which can be trustworthy and you are able to discuss openly concerning anything you can lessen strain.

The way to boost your vision within alternative methods:

First you should do is to unwind your muscles. Your eyesight muscles are affected whenever you make unusual cosmetic expression similar to if you elevate your eye-brows or if you proceed your nose. The reason being many of these muscles also manage your eyesight muscles. Therefore continually be aware of how you answer various things because your cosmetic phrase has an effect on your eyes as well.

Second idea is always to exercise your eyes, this can absolutely help to improve vision. You can appropriately make your vision better if you regularly exercise eyesight workouts. You may even keep from donning eyeglasses if you will be able to do these types of workouts. You?ll find obtainable eyesight treatment ideas you are able to investigation on to boost your vision.

An additional idea is always to steer clear of pcs and television sets around you are able to. Light from this software?s is just not our own eyes? best friend. Many work these days entail pcs and meaning many a long time from the day are spent merely observing your pcs. This particular where the issue starts, your eyes turns into anxious and fatigued which in turn causes these phones dried up and may result to be able to weak vision. It would be helpful to look away coming from your pcs each and every 10 to be able to 15 min?s in order to stop your vision coming from receiving even worse. In addition, often make sure to flicker once within a even though to chill your eyes.

These are merely handful of easy methods to appropriately boost your vision. Take into account them in order to boost your eyes? vision. Always look after your eyes for they may be essential senses inside our body. Learn more other great info about metastatic liver cancer symptom, liver cancer symptoms and liver cancer symptoms and signs


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Final 'Potter' sets midnight box office record (AP)

LOS ANGELES ? Harry Potter still has that magic touch ? even before dawn.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," the final film in the successful Warner Bros. boy wizard franchise, conjured up $43.5 million from midnight shows Friday, according to studio estimates.

"Part 2" beat the previous midnight record set last summer by "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which earned around $30 million for its midnight screenings. It also smashed the midnight opening record for IMAX theaters, making $2 million at 274 theaters with IMAX screens

With the addition of 3-D, "Part 2" could end the franchise's spellbinding 10-year story with a total weekend debut approaching $150 million, according to analyst Paul Dergarabedian. That would surpass the $125 million opening last November of the first "Deathly Hallows" installment.

The current debut weekend record is $158 million set by "The Dark Knight" in 2008.




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Will I Ever Overcome Family Holiday Phobia?

Despite the good stuff that also happens, almost every family holiday to date has involved some sort of panic, scarring trauma or recovery. My own parents cleverly avoided this by simply never having any family trips. (Actually I lie. We had a family holiday once, it lasted ten and a half months from when I was six until seven, then we were done indefinitely.)

How's the serenity? Looks can be deceiving.

My first family holiday fear came on when I was six months along with my first bub. After surviving the rattling, small aircraft transfer to the island where we were to spend our final tropical break before parenthood, my bump flip-flopped like a big fish in a small bowl. I thought he was having an in-utero fit. I called the obstetrician from our room: ?My baby just did three quick somersaults in a row. Surely this is not normal?? It was probably the adrenalin in my bloodstream, but it was the first sign that for me, parenthood and holidays do not go together because anxiety is the third, unwelcome member of the trio.

As you do: Giant Mango, Bowen. (Holiday Ro-O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-OAd, Holiday Ro-O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-OAd!)

Moving right along, when said bump was a boy of eighteen months, we did Noosa. Unfortunately while we were there, he developed an ear infection so horrid, he refused to eat and spontaneously gave up milk for six whole months. Due to this infection, the flight home was excruciating for him. We had to physically restrain him for the three hours as he kicked, bit me, pulled my hair and threw his bottle at passengers. I arrived home in a crying, quivering heap. And I needed a holiday.

The next time we ventured interstate, the boy was nearly seven. We?d arrived at our accommodation in the late afternoon and asked him to come look around the digs with us. But he wanted to watch a video before dinner and insisted we go without him. Worst parenting mistake ever, as it turns out. Outside it was only heading toward sunset, but the apartment curtains were drawn. Around fifteen minutes later we returned to hear him screaming the place down. We opened the door to see him having an alarming, full scale panic attack. Even though the video was still running, the room had dimmed in that short time and he didn?t know where the light switches were. We paid for that for the next TEN WEEKS, as he had to sleep on a stretcher bed in our bedroom until the night fears passed. All because of that one stupid little decision. Oh, and while we were there, we got word that Steve Irwin had just tragically died, which, given the fact that boy was glued to him on cable TV every morning that holiday, did not help at all.

I may be imagining things but I think the next trip, in 2006 when Miss 4 was but a bump, we got off unscathed. Perhaps that?s because most of that year at home was one of our worst. Small mercies.

We tried a warm up weekend away at?a small? at a cottage. The dust was so bad our poor baby girl coughed non-stop?in her portacot?the entire night. The.Entire.Night. And two days after.?No rest there and too young for most remedies.

When Miss 4 was nearly two, we ventured to Far North Queensland again. For the first time the four of us boarded a plane. I always come prepared with many toys and distractions, but I?d hoped she?d sleep and she did not, so it was a workout with a toddler in a confined area.

Another Classic Night One of Holiday. Hospital.

I?ve had two Runner kids and therefore a white knuckle hand holding style near roads. Hyped up with exhaustion, she pulled and pulled to run over to Daddy across the road with our hire car. Then she tried her famous throw-herself-down-on-the-ground move usually reserved for supermarkets and places she did not wish to leave. But I was still viced over her hand. She hurt her wrist.

For the next two hours as we drove the cursed serpentine beach roads, she screamed and screamed as we prayed she?d fall asleep. She didn?t. The unrelenting, exhausted screaming and winding roads combined to build a perfect migraine for me. At our destination, rather than hop out to excitedly , I opened the car door, fell to my knees and hurled.

When I returned to the upright position, instead of unpacking, we dumped our things and headed off to the nearest local hospital, which we?d already passed about a half hour back. We spent our first evening on holiday in the waiting room, me nauseous and blurry eyed, she with her arm alternately on ice or?hanging limply by her side. We were seen, she was given a big dose of panadol and we were told it would be a 24 hour thing. We got a crusty deep fried dinner from the local servo.

The next 2 weeks were filled with glorious weather, stunning sights and much family fun, pool play and photo opps. But the kids still managed to stay up late each night and due to the Queensland light coming in through the zero block-out curtains, got up MUCH earlier than they would?ve at home.? (Who the fuck installs curtains that let the light in at frickin 5.45? They are dead to me. DEAD.)

So when we got home we were exhausted. Utterly, thoroughly, bone-deep exhausted. Once again, having enjoyed a change of scenery, but less rest than we?d get at home.

The icing on the home return cake is that our mid-twenties nephew minds house and feeds pets for us. Lord only knows who and what has been in our home but they certainly leave their stain. Though I tell him to throw pet food cans outside, he normally leaves some forgotten in the kitchen bin which wafts the welcoming aroma of dumpster throughout the house. I can?t even talk about some of the other stuff. Always something to look forward to.

So we?re due to go again next month. I resisted and resisted. I hate the packing and I can?t shake the nagging anxiety. I know we?ll have a great time eventually?it?s the settling in that nearly kills me.


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Should Parents Lose Custody of Super Obese Kids? | Amazing Asset

I read articles on public health, nutrition, eating disorders, fitness, running, etc, all of the time. I love this stuff, and I am continuously searching for new tips and recipes to continue my recovery and live my life the healthiest, both physically and mentally. From time to time, I come across articles that particularly interest me, catch my attention or leave a bad taste in my mouth after I read them. The article I found the other day seemed to unleash all three of these emotions.

The news article titled, ?Should Parents Lose Custody of Super Obese Kids?? was recently released in Chicago, where this question is currently up for debate. According to the reading, there are a number of distinguished medical journalists argue yes, that they should be taken away from parents and ?putting children temporarily in foster care is in some cases more ethical than obesity surgery. Their goal here is to keep the children?s best interest in mind, rather than blame the parent.

As most of us know and have heard countless times, obesity is an increasingly worsening problem in our country, and is now being seen among children. On a daily basis, kids are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, a disease that once was unheard of among children, as it was usually only adults who developed such a chronic illness. There are a number of reasons for this, easy access to unhealthy and fattening junk food, the development of technology has made children much less active, parents lacking the knowledge and funds to provide their child with a healthier diet, less sleep has been correlated with weight gain, poor nutrition in school, and so many others.

This is clearly a problem in our country, and one that needs to solved. There are currently a number of organizations, people, groups, and programs, that are all working together to try and prevent this issue from worsening. Efforts and shows such as Jamie Oliver?s Food Revolution, takes viewers inside elementary and middle schools across the country to expose the fattening and unhealthy food that is served to children, because it?s well?cheaper. I personally enjoy this show because not only does the food they serve both interest and appall me, but the message they are teaching is one that we can all benefit from.

From the website: The Jamie Oliver Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is to empower, educate and engage as many people as possible to love and enjoy good food. This means learning how to cook, understanding where food comes from, and recognizing the power it can have on our health, happiness, and even finances. We do this through teaching, training and employment, and also by making good clear information available to as many people as possible.

As the issue of childhood obesity gains more attention, the people that are making efforts to stop such a ?disease? are increasing as well. We have all heard about Michelle Obama?s plans and talks about this problem, but there are tons of other organizations and people that are trying to make changes too. In my town for example, the school lunches have been improved so much these last few years. When I first entered middle school, they would serve these humongous, soft, chewy, fatty, chocolate chip cookies for 50 cents. These were seriously the best cookies I have ever tasted, but they were huge, equal to the size of about 5 normal sized treats. I noticed that as the years went by, the cookies became smaller and smaller. They were cutting down on portion sizes, trying to keep the health of the students in mind. In addition, baked chips and pretzels were now standard snack foods and the soda machine was replaced by a milk one.

According to this article, the parents and children will only be separated for the shortest amount of time possible, in which time the adults will need instruction on proper ways to parent their kids. However, some are arguing that there is too much blame being placed on the parent, while there are several other outside factors at work- advertising, peer pressure, bullying, that can lead to weight gain as well.

Some argue that when a parent allows their children to become so overweight that they can be classified as ?obese,? this is a clear form of child abuse, and therefore they must be separated. ?Protection services should be considered if parents are neglectful or actively reject efforts to control and extremely obese child?s weight.? People supporting this claim say this temporary arrangement will give both the kid and adult the knowledge they need to turn things around for their health and well-being.

There were a number of personal stories included in the article. For example, Jerri Gray lost custody of her 555 pound 14 year old son two years ago, but she argued that authorities do not understand the struggles she had to go through. Gray was working two jobs at the time to avoid losing their assets, and feeding her son any cheap and convenient food she could, most often fast and ridiculously unhealthy fatty food. To her, this was the only option to keep her and her son from becoming homeless.

So what are my thoughts on this? Well to be quite honest, I am somewhat torn, as I thought about this in a few different ways. I believe there are some very extreme cases where the parent and child ought to separated. For example, I saw a show on TLC once titled, ?Fattest Teen? or something like that, where the mother would feed her kid all of the time, because it made HER feel better and that she was taking care of her child in the best way she could. She was a bit nuts in this thought process and even though she knew her son was very obese, she continued to stuff him with fatty and unhealthy foods. However, who really knows the extent of their family situation and it could have been being blown out of proportion for TV entertainment.

My true belief on this though is that no, they should not be separated. First of all, when has foster care ever been a positive experience in our country? For the most part, it?s not too great and horror stories are often associated. Second, if there is a case where a child is obese, the parent must have some idea of what is going on. Therefore I think that proper education is the ideal direction to go in. When you are a busy working parent or individual, you have to work a small amount of time into your weekly routine to plan the week?s meals. A big problem is that people have very little knowledge of how to shop for healthier options and put meals together. Instead of taking someone?s child away, using the money that would otherwise be spent on foster care could be put toward a nutrition program, basic cooking classes, meal ideas, etc.

Furthermore, I believe that obesity is an example of an eating disorder. There are several forms of eating disorders, Anorexia of course being the main one associated with the term. Therefore I propose this question, if a child is suffering from an eating disorder that leaves them severely underweight, physically unhealthy, malnourished, and even close to death, should those children be taken away from parents? In those cases, is it the parent?s fault and they are choosing not to do anything about it? I can say from personal experience that during the worst times of my disordered eating, there was no one that could convince me to stop what I was doing. I had to make the choice to recover on my own, and start gaining my life back when I was ready to.

When someone has anorexia, bulimia or other restrictive eating behaviors, they might be forced into a treatment center or hospitalization to save their life. Unfortunately, this may only be a temporary fix, and once they are weight-restored and released, they could easily fall back into old habits and the cycle starts all over. So once again, is this the parent?s fault?

It is obvious that food, dining, restaurants, cooking, baking are all huge parts of our culture? and too often obesity, anorexia, disordered eating, over-eating, binging, restricting, and purging, all follow quite closely. Parents do play a huge role in the way their child eats, as they are the ones that buy the food and serve it, and also when their kid does physical activity, homework, and other necessary parts of their lives. Some parents might not be up to par with all of these, yet I still do not think separating the family is the best option. If anything, the emotional impact of such a separation would make the situation even worse. Proper education and that sort of intervention is the way to make changes, and to keep making efforts for better nutrition for the rest of the country.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Do you think children should be taken away if they reach a dangerous point of obesity? Or should other methods be taken?

Do you believe that obesity is a form of an eating disorder? If so, how do you feel about children being taken away from parents if they are severely underweight but are doing this under their own accord?

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Thursday, July 14

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you! Jumping Frenzy: Aliens hold a massive attack against the Earth. All continents [...]


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Giuliana and Bill Rancic No Longer Trying to Conceive :(

Giuliana and Bill Rancic's infertility struggles have been a huge part of their reality show Giuliana & Bill. But the duo is taking a break from trying to conceive.

"[Having a baby is] always on my mind," Giuliana said, noting that she's turning over a new leaf. "But we're not actively trying. Right now is the year of fun."

"In the first episode, we're talking about it, and we heard bad news. Bill's like, 'You know what? Let's get back to who we are and have a year of fun.'"

Giuliana and Bill

The couple vowed to think positive and to enjoy "all of the things we couldn't do if we had a baby," like "traveling" and "drinking lots of wine."

While Rancic, E!'s resident celebrity fashion expert, admitted that she felt "vulnerable" sharing her struggle, she also found it rewarding.

"This guy came up to me, and he was like, 'Oh, I just want to thank you and your husband. You inspire my wife. She's going through IVF, and we know we're not alone,' It's really nice [to inspire others]," she said.

"[And it's nice] that we can use our profiles to talk about it and make people feel better about themselves."

Check out THG's recent interview with Giuliana.



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Authorities release videos taken by Dugard captors (AP)

SAN FRANCISCO ? Newly released videos recorded by the Northern California couple who held Jaycee Lee Dugard captive for 18 years provide chilling details about the kidnappers, most notably stealthily shot images from a playground that show young girls frolicking on a tire swing at a park.

In addition, video of a parole officer visiting the home of kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido shows yet again how the state botched chances to find Dugard as she was held captive in the backyard of the couple's home.

Three video clips were released Tuesday by El Dorado County prosecutors, who recovered the footage from videotapes found in trash in the Garridos' backyard. Phillip Garrido had tried to destroy many of the tapes.

However, investigators, with the help of NASA technicians, were able to recover the footage from the damaged tapes, District Attorney Vern Pierson said.

Prosecutors said they released the materials "to highlight the gravity and severity of the mistakes made," and to improve the supervision and detection of sexual predators.

One of the videos, taken sometime between 1989 and 1993, shows Phillip Garrido playing a guitar and singing while sitting against a tree at a playground.

His wife and accomplice Nancy Garrido is behind the camera and appears to be pretending to record him, though the focus is on the children behind him.

"What you need to do, you need to make it look like you're pointing at me," Phillip Garrido is heard saying. "Further you are away from me, they can't tell exactly where it's pointed."

As he plays guitar, he is heard asking, "You got me real good?"

"Yes, I can see you really good!" replies a woman's voice, as the camera focuses on a girl in a red tank top swinging on a bar on a play structure.

Another clip taken around the same time features close-ups of girls' legs as they stand in a parking lot.

Phillip Garrido is heard asking on the tape: "You think anybody can see me?"

Other footage shows a parole officer following Phillip Garrido through his Antioch home during a routine search done under terms of his parole after a 1976 rape and kidnapping conviction.

The video, first aired by ABC News, was taken by Nancy Garrido between 2000 and 2007.

It shows the parole officer searching rooms of the house but never looking in the backyard, where Dugard was being held with her two daughters fathered by Phillip Garrido after she was kidnapped in South Lake Tahoe in 1991.

Officials blurred the parole officer's face before releasing the images.

"So right now, it's just you, your wife and your mother in here?" the parole agent asks Phillip Garrido. His response is not clear, but the officer can he heard saying, "OK."

Phillip Garrido later confronts the officer as he leaves the home.

"I don't understand. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do," Garrido says. "No one's ever talked to me like this."

Phillip Garrido was sentenced last month to 431 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping and rape in the Dugard case. Nancy Garrido was sentenced to 36 years to life after pleading guilty to similar charges.

Other released evidence includes several pages of federal parole documents, a 1972 booking photo of Phillip Garrido, and a photo of a note signed by Dugard when she was discovered by parole officers in 2009.

Throughout the years, parole officers had paid dozens of visits to the home to check on Phillip Garrido and give him drug tests, but none of the officials reported any irregularities.

A report by a federal judge found that parole agents failed to properly monitor Garrido and to stop his crimes against Dugard.

"Had Mr. Garrido's federal supervision been conducted properly from the onset, it is possible that he may have been deterred from some of the acts now attributed to him," Chief U.S. District Judge James Ware wrote in the 43-page report based on a review conducted last year by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

State lawmakers and law enforcement officials plan to hold a public meeting at the state Capitol on Aug. 3 to discuss weaknesses in California's parole system and ways to improve it.

Dugard already has received a $20 million settlement under which the state acknowledged repeated mistakes were made by parole agents responsible for monitoring Phillip Garrido.

Dugard ? whose memoir, "A Stolen Life," was released the same day as the videos ? told ABC News she had even talked to an agent during one home visit.

"He made me feel like he didn't really care," she said.

Dugard was reunited with her family in August 2009 after her whereabouts was discovered during a meeting with a parole agent who had summoned Phillip Garrido to his office.

The meeting came after two University of California, Berkeley police employees grew suspicious when Garrido showed up at the campus with the two girls he fathered with her and asked for a permit to hold a religious event.


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