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Personal Finance iPhone Apps Worth a Few Bucks


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Budgeting? Investing? Saving? Yes, there?s an app for all of that. Free apps are great, but sometimes it?s worth spending a couple of bucks to get extra features and function. These apps may not be free, but they make financial sense.

Money Smart - Get help understanding and tracking your expenses with the Money Smart app. For $1.99 you?ll gain the ability to track all of your transactions, budgets and bills in the same place. Email and search your expenses, analyze your data and track bills in a calendar.

Trip Cubby - This app may cost the same as a latte, but the $4.99 is worth it for those who need to track mileage for tax deductions or company reimbursements. This app allows you to enter mileage quickly, track multiple drivers or vehicles and send the data to Excel.

Timewerks - Freelancers, consultants, contractors, lawyers, salespeople or anyone with the need to track time and send invoices can do it through their iPhone or iPod Touch with the help of the Timewerks app, $2.99. Invoices can be customized with your logo and all data is backed up with one tap.

Bento - It?s proven that when your life is organized, your finances will be too. Save time and money by getting everything straight with the help of the Bento app, $4.99. Track projects, plan events and manage life in general with the help of this personal database.

BillTracker - Never pay a late fee again with the help of BillTracker. For $1.99 BillTracker will manage your car payments and water bills so you know when they?re due and when they?re paid.

Pageonce Pro - This is another app to put your banks, credit cards, bills and investment accounts in one place?in the palm of your hand. Pageonce can even track your frequent flyer miles, mobile phone usage and rewards accounts. It?s safe, secure and yours for $12.99.

By Alison Storm

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* Hot deals expire quickly. This deal may no longer be valid.


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Video: Macro Markets in Focus

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The Life and Legacy of the Dinosaur Baron

Image: Wikimedia Commons; published before 1923 and public domain in the US.

Franz Nopcsa was a turn-of-the-century baron of Szacsal in Transylvania who discovered some of the first dinosaurs from central Europe. His ideas about fossil analysis and dinosaur evolution were remarkably prescient, as this article?in the October issue describes. Below is a timeline of major events in the dinosaur baron?s life, some of his paleontological discoveries and recent work that has validated his claims. Istv?n F?zy of the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest provided many of the biographical details.

Nopcsa?s Life

  • 1877: Born in Deva, Romania, on May 3
  • 1895: First encounters fossils, on one of the family estates in Transylvania
  • 1897: Publishes his first scientific article, a description of the bones found on the family estate?a new species of ornithopod dinosaur later named Telmatosaurus
  • 1898: Goes to the University of Vienna
  • 1899: Delivers his first lecture?on a hadrosaurid dinosaur from Transylvania?at the Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • 1903: Completes his doctoral thesis
  • 1905: Visits the British Museum of Natural History for the first time
  • 1912: Becomes a member of the Royal Geological Society in London
  • 1914: Proposes that the Nopcsa estates that yielded small-bodied dinosaurs had once been part of an island he called H?tszeg that formed from the flooding of Europe by the ancient Tethys Sea, and that the dinosaurs evolved their petite proportions as a response to the limited resources available on small islands
  • 1917: Becomes a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 1923: Names a new 70-million-year-old fossil turtle he found in Transylvania Kallokibotion bajazidi, in honor of his lover, Bajazid Doda
  • 1925: Becomes head of the Hungarian Geological Institute
  • 1930s: Publishes paper describing his use of the microscopic structure, or histology, of bone to show that a fossil alleged to represent a new type of dinosaur was instead a juvenile member of a previously known species
  • 1933: Kills Doda and himself on April 25

Modern Day

  • 2009: Paper by Gregory Erickson et al. in PLoS ONE on results of bone histological studies sheds light on the evolution of the fast growth rates of living birds
  • 2010: Paper by Koen Stein et al. in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA on histological studies of Magyarosaurus upholds Nopcsa?s claim that it was an island dwarf
  • 2010: Special issue of Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology shows H?tszeg served as a stepping stone for dinosaurs moving from east to west during the Late Cretaceous, underscoring the importance of Nopcsa?s beloved Transylvanian dinosaurs for understanding the global distribution of dinosaurs leading up to the zenith of their diversity 65 million years ago
  • 2011: Paper by Gareth Dyke in Palaeontology on small birds and pterosaurs from another site in Transylvania that used to be part of an island a few hundred kilometers east of H?tszeg provides support for Nopcsa?s ideas


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Thursday, September 29, 2011 ? Sports Supplements That you should Be ...

Citrulline malate has taken the sports supplement market by storm, showing up in everything from Nitric Oxide Boosters to pre- workout combinations. What it is that makes this health supplement so awesome could be the range of health and overall performance citrulline malate powder rewards it?s for the body builder and basic athlete.

L-Citrulline is surely an amino acid which could enhance nitric oxide amounts better than arginine and has been shown to reduce hypertension. Malate is a kind of malic acid, which can be the main KREBS cycle of energy production. This critical co- enzyme assists the recharging of ATP and raises cellular vitality. Whenever you combine the two, you receive citrulline malate.

Citrulline malate has been shown to enhance vigor, amino acid utilization and lower muscle tenderness in well trained athletes. It has the ability to boost muscle growth by causing Leucine and other branched chain amino acids more potent, hence both sparing muscle and motivating muscle growth. It has been shown to increase the positive effects of protein as well.

In aerobic fitness exercise, citrulline malate has been proven in recent surveys to cut back muscle pain and boost exercise capacity. This excellent amino acid indicates a 42 Per-cent decline in muscle tenderness, showing the substantial recuperation possibilities with this supplement l-citrulline malate complex for the athlete and body builder. This capacity to improve exercise recuperation and performance can make this amino acid salt a really prized health supplement for the majority of health and fitness sports athletes.

Citrulline malate may possibly raise nitric oxide quantities better than arginine alpha keto-gluterate, which makes it quite effective. Enhanced nitric oxide concentrations are fantastic for decreased hypertension and may even also contribute to the ? pump ? result that many bodybuilders love. Nitric Oxide is a crucial signaling molecule involved in several natural functions.

The one downside of citrulline malate dose is the high amount needed. Most studies have been performed with 3 grams which is a very good serving given that most integrates only include 200-1000mg per portion. This implies that you must consider 3-5 dosages of the supplement to have a good serving. Luckily it combines perfectly with water and and liquid beverage.

Citrulline malate has a really sour taste due to the malic acid content. Malic acid can be found in apples and it is the compound accountable for the ?tartness? of sour apple flavors. The white powder is best mixed with sour juices like apple and cranberry in which the natural tartness is partially hidden in juice alone. Outside this tart flavor, citrulline malate is bland and will combine well with almost any drink, making it simple and easy handy to use as a supplement.

Taste aside, if you need to enhance efficiency, recuperation and vigor you need to seriously consider incorporating this phenomenal nutritious for your daily routine! You could just find that citrulline malate bulk it allows you the same rewards which make ita star for sports athletes and health and wellness! asdcjh56

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Windows Mobile SMS | Cell Spy

Monitor, Track and Trace Windows Mobile Phones

Windows Mobile SMS Spy Phone Software

Windows Mobile Spy technology enables you to uncover the truth of the matter regarding what people say on their Windows Mobile and also who they are talking to. Trace Windows Mobile Phone Calls, Track Windows Mobile Location; and find out what is in SMS texts and e-mail; learn internet activity; and a whole lot more. With Windows Mobile Spy Phone Software programs you can even phone tap to listen to cellphone calls and spy call change the cellphone right into a covert bugging device. As one of the first 'feature' phone softwares the Windows Mobile operating-system has actually been very popular with mobile device application developers and normally Windows Mobile Spy applications are loaded with features unavailable with other operating systems; making Windows Mobile Spy software reliable as solutions to Parental Monitoring, Staff Monitoring and looking into Infidelity.


Discover What's Designed for Your Phone

Windows Mobile SMS Smartphone Software

Verify which mobile monitoring software is available for use on your cell phone by hovering your mouse over the brand of phone/operating system shown above. Different makers of Cell Phone Monitoring Software deliver different capabilities, however the kind of "Smartphone" and the version of phone operating software (OS) also affect just what you're able to do. The Carrier/Provider networks impact the way the apps are installed and there are a few limits on CDMA networks. Features and functionality improve constantly so you'll want to check partner web-sites for particulars.

Mobile Tracker

Monitor Cell Phones

Internet Safety

Windows Mobile SMS, Phone Tracking, Examine SMS Messages & E-mail, Call Activity Logging, MMS Pictures & Video, Internet sites History, Cell Phone Tap Calls plus more


For more details about iPhone unlocking click here.

iPhone Spy

Monitoring and Tracking software is available for every model of iPhone, including the most recent iPhone 4G mobile phones. Yet, iPhones need to be unlocked or "jailbreaked" before installing stealth monitoring and tracking apps. Track iPhone, Read SMS Texts & E mail, Call Logging, MMS Messages, Webpages Visits, Cell Phone Tap Calls plus more.

BlackBerry Spy

Monitoring and Tracking software packages is available for most version of BlackBerrys yet there are a few limitations --- if you're looking to capture Website visit history or Look at MMS multi-media messages (images, music and video), regrettably BlackBerry does not support tracking that. Track BlackBerry, Read SMS Text messages & E-mail, Call Activity Logs, Phone Tap Calls and more.

Android Spy

Many different mobile phone device companies (brands) use Google Android as their smartphone operating system (OS). Monitoring and Tracking technology for Android are likely to supply the many functions as well as simple installation. Track Android Location, Check SMS Text messages & Email, Call Activity Logging, MMS Messages Pictures & Video, Internet sites History, Eavesdrop Calls plus more

Symbian Spy

The Symbian operating system (OS) is utilized by many various cell phone manufacturers for their smartphones, including the world's biggest, Nokia, but also many other common brands. Monitoring and tracking applications for Symbian (also known as Nokia-Symbian) characteristically works well. Review SMS Messages & Email, Call Logging, Tap Calls and even more.

Windows Mobile Spy

The Windows Mobile operating system (OS) is utilized by a number of phone companies for their smartphones. Monitoring and tracking software for Windows Mobile usually works well. Typically you'll discover more Parental Control functions with Windows Mobile products. Examine SMS Messages & E mail, Call Activity Logs, Tap Calls and more.

Mobile Phone Tracking and Monitoring

Windows Mobile SMS Mobile Phone Spy Programs

Products down load directly onto a 'target' mobile phone utilizing the cell phone internet connection. Next phone events or activity may be checked remotely from a private internet account. These particular apps aren't 'viruses' nor 'trojans' - you must have actual control of the telephone to accept installation of the mobile monitoring program. You can monitor remotely, you merely aren't able to deploy remotely.

Scroll Down for Spy Phone Product Overview Info

Please click links and banners for additional information and to place your order.

  • Online Account
  • Intercept Text Messages
  • Cell Phone GPS Tracking
  • Evaluate Call Logs
  • Look at All URL website addresses visited using the phone internet browser
  • All inbound & outbound email activity from the primary email account is recorded.
  • Have a look at Multi-Media Graphics *
  • Option for LIVE monitoring including See the actual screen of the device, updated every 90 seconds, remote control of phone, Accepts silent SMS commands for GPS Locate, SIM info, Wipe Data, Lock and more.
  • Stealth Monitoring

* Multi-media not supported by all phones

Mobile Spy

Windows Mobile SMS and Mobile Spy

Monitor cell phone usage online. See the contents of all SMS texts. View the details of each call and track the phone from anywhere.

Mobile Spy is the number one seller of "Spy Phone" software applications. Monitor their mobile phone usage on-line. View the subject matter of all SMS texts. Discover specifics of any phone call and track the cell phone from anywhere. Websites visited, email logging, Multimedia. Options for remote control and wipe/lock.

The spyphone application downloads straight to the smartphone making use of the phone's web connection - either data plan or wifi. Captured information is viewed from a private on-line account. Mobile Spy is made by Retina-X Studios that is accredited with an A by the Better Business Bureau; buy with confidence.

Rate for a quarterly subscription is $49.97, semi-annual $69.97, and annual subscription is a good deal at $99.97, with a little more for the LIVE Access Option

Mobile Spy supports Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia-Symbian, and Windows Mobile smartphone operating systems.

Please take note that not necessarily all features are available for every type of phone operating system, please visit the Mobile Spy site for additional details and purchasing information.


  • Mobile Locator
  • Block Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  • View SMS Text Messages
  • See Call Logs
  • Examine Photos & Video
  • Intercept Email
  • Webpage Visit History
  • Assign Time Restrictions
  • Web Filtering
  • Remote Control
  • And More!
  • Web Account Access
  • Stealth Monitoring


Windows Mobile SMS and Phone Sheriff

PhoneSheriff enables you to monitor activity online and block telephone numbers and websites.

PhoneSheriff, the newest version of Mobile Nanny, originates from the same people that develop Mobile Spy. They've extended the variety of cellphones it supports plus it provides a good variety of capabilities to monitor, control and block (filter) Text messages, calling, web access and programs on the cell phone.

Worried by how they are using their cellular phone? PhoneSheriff enables you to monitor activity on the web and block telephone numbers and web sites. Packed with functions, it's offered at affordable costs at only $49.97 for a 12 months subscription.

PhoneSheriff works with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia-Symbian, and Windows Mobile cell phone operating systems.

Please make sure that you take a look at the PhoneSheriff website to verify the current status for Windows Mobile SMS and compatibility with your chosen target smartphone operating system (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian).


  • Phone Tap Calls
  • Eavesdrop Voices in Phone Surroundings
  • GPS Tracking
  • Review SMS Messages
  • Evaluate Call History and Contacts
  • and a lot more...
  • Stealthy


Windows Mobile SMS and MobiStealth

MobiStealth may be the next generation of mobile phone spy program. Now you can guard and find your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Devices by utilizing Mobistealth mobile spy software.

If you are a partner who suspects your lover may be being unfaithful, need to determine whether he/she is telling the truth or has a need to learn details of the affair then MobiStealth Spy Software for Mobile Phones is an ideal remedy for you. If you are a manager and would like to enforce company policies on company owned mobile devices or want to observe actual destinations of your service personnel then MobiStealth is made for you.

To be able to guard your mobile phone from being misplaced /stolen permanently, need to track your phone and also don't wish to disclose your privacy to thief or unidentified person then MobiStealth is ideal for you. If you're a worried parent and would like to check pursuits of your kids on cellphones so that you can safeguard them from Sexting and other dangers then MobiStealth Parental Control Software is ideal for you.

Prices begin at just $39.97

Mobistealth works with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Please make sure to keep in mind the fact that not necessarily all features are possible with every sort of cellphone operating system, please see the MobiStealth site for the latest particulars.

  • Track GPS Location
  • Intercept Text Messages
  • Intercept Email
  • Inspect Call Event Logs
  • Inspect Contact List
  • Remote Control of Application Settings
  • Spy Call - Pick up Surroundings
  • Intercept Call - Cell Phone Tap
  • Online Account
  • Stealth Monitoring


Windows Mobile SMS and Flexispy

If you are looking to go all-the-way with cell phone monitoring - Flexispy is the leading option.

Flexispy has been recognized as setting the benchmark as the 'ultimate' spy phone software program offering technical features, and optionally available Flexispy PRO and Flexispy PRO-X featuring Spy Call for remote control of the cellphone microphone eavesdrop the surroundings and Call Intercept that includes cell phone tap and taps into mobile phone calls.

High end , PRO-X will set you back approximately $350, PRO is $249, and their LIGHT version comes in at $149 for a one year subscription.

Flexispy works with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia-Symbian, and Windows Mobile mobile phone operating systems.

Please make sure to bear in mind that not necessarily all features are possible with every sort of smartphone operating-system, please see the Flexispy website for newest details.

  • Capture Texts
  • Capture Email
  • See Call Communication Logs
  • Online Account
  • Deploys Utilizing SMS
  • Stealth Monitoring

WebWatcher Mobile

Windows Mobile SMS and WebWatcher Mobile

WebWatcher Mobile is from one of the top personal computer monitoring software providers; it loads by sending/accepting an Text message. Presently WebWatcher Mobile is only provided for BlackBerry and Android, but you ought to believe they're going to cover the other major smartphones eventually.

Yearly subscription is $67.

WebWatcher Mobile works with Android and BlackBerry, mobile phone operating systems. Although it includes a modest assortment of functions WebWatcher Mobile is still a solid 'purpose-built' program coming from a well-known provider.

Please be sure you check the WebWatcher Mobile site to establish the latest situation for Windows Mobile SMS and if it is compatible with your specific target smartphone operating system (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian).

  • Efficient anti-virus & anti-spyware discovery & elimination
  • Remote lock & wipe for lost & stolen devices
  • Remote back up of private data along with uncomplicated recover to new devices
  • Remote GPS location to find lost & stolen phones
  • Anti-spam & firewall filters to remove undesired messages
  • Monitor activity on the children's cellular phone
  • Observe images kept in the camera whether sent or received by text or e-mail
  • Display content of text & email messages
  • Block voice and Message
  • Stealthy

CA Mobile Security

Windows Mobile SMS and CA Mobile Security

CA Mobile Security gives remote management abilities, parental controls, powerful malware protection, and GPS integration. Whether or not you might be a small business operator, professional, or parent, implement CA Mobile Security to safeguard against on-line hazards, theft, and improper use of information.

CA Mobile Security Shield with Mobile Security Management is a complete collection of mobile security solutions for Windows Mobile, Symbian Series 60, BlackBerry and Android smartphones.

CA Mobile Security Shield can guard your smartphone(s) from spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, device loss, device theft or other threats that might occur. The virus shield updates automatically protecting in real-time from malicious applications that might be down loaded from various app stores or perhaps through files sent by means of MMS, Sms or e-mail. With CA Mobile Security Shield, you can continue to use all of the features of your smartphone while having nonintrusive, efficient protection. Trusted by the United States Federal Government.

Protect upto three phones for only $49.99 annual subscription

  • Retrieve Files
  • Remotely Delete Files
  • High Security Standards
  • Geo-Locate
  • Monitor and Control
  • Lock Down

Laptop Cop

LapTop Cop is the ONLY comprehensive anti-theft solution - supplying all four of the crucial steps required to shield yourself along with your portable computer should it be ever misplaced or stolen.

Remotely access crucial files invisibly, working with any internet connection. Remotely remove files or an complete harddrive. Secure and confirm removal to the greatest Pentagon security benchmarks for unrecoverability. Geo-locate the missing mobile computer, in real-time over any net connection, frequently with greater precision than GPS. Monitor and control all a crook does, every key stroke they type and file they access is going to be visable. Lockdown your mobile computer right after disappearance so computer files can't be seen.

Just $49.95 for complete peace of mind.

  • Retrieve Files
  • Remotely Erase Files
  • High Security Standards
  • Geolocation
  • Monitor and Control
  • Lock Down

LoJack for Laptops

In the event your mobile computer is stolen, you can feel powerless. But you dont have to. LoJack for Laptops is a computer theft recovery service along with remote device and data security features. If your laptop is stolen or missing, you have the ability to remotely block access to it and the private data it contains, while a dedicated Theft Recovery Team works to recover it on your behalf.

Is the laptop computer in reality taken? Or is it possible you left it on a business trip? Geolocation can track your laptop by using an online map. It uses GPS or Wi-Fi to map your laptops current and past locations. Note: Standard edition is limited to IP address geolocation only.

Only $39.95 for total peace of mind.

LoJack for Laptops

Computer Monitoring

Internet Safety


Regardless of whether you need to record and monitor internet activity, record instant message / IMs (chats), block porn / adult content or other unsuitable internet websites, or merely keep watch over a family member, software applications shown here will certainly do the job. Internet monitoring programs will help you to monitor sites visited ,block porn or other unsuitable websites, record instant messages or chats, monitor my space, examine emails or take screenshots of the computer.

Child Monitoring Have you any idea whether or not your kid is being SAFE on the internet? Are Internet predators talking to your child on MySpace or Facebook? Your children may just be supplying confidential information that might put your whole family at an increased risk. Internet Filters and Keyloggers safeguard children.

Employee Monitoring Do your workers waste time web surfing or playing online games? Do you know of people that are taking or leaking very sensitive material? If you are not utilizing Internet Filters and Keyloggers, then you're not really keeping up with trends in line with the American Management Association.

Scroll Down for Product Overview Information

  • Electronic mail Recording and Forwarding
  • Chat / IM Recording and Forwarding
  • Automated Screenshots
  • Web-sites Visit History
  • Keylogger
  • Social Network Activity
  • Filtering and Blocking
  • Microphone and Webcam Recording

Ace Spy

AceSpy is a Personal Computer spy application developed for home or business office use. Secretly view all the stuff somebody does on the internet. Get an hourly email report.

AceSpy Spy Software makes it simple to silently see what other people do on the web. Once you install, it is going to begin saving everything that is performed on your pc. AceSpy is completely concealed from others. This premium spy program will instantly forward all of their email messages directly to your personal email address. Then when your son or daughter receives an e-mail, it's going to be immediately delivered to YOUR address. If they answer that person you'll be given an EXACT COPY of that too! AceSpy will also immediately forward their instant messages and chats to your personal or private email address. The moment they conclude their conversation, an actual text log of the whole conversation is going to be forwarded to your personal e-mail address.

Fairly listed at just $59.97

Ace Spy offers variants for both Windows and Mac

  • Monitor from anywhere!
  • Set up Remotely by E-mail
  • See the remote display screen LIVE
  • See keystrokes entered LIVE
  • Remote control commands
  • View chat, websites, programs & more!
  • View detailed graphical reports
  • Capture screenshots
  • Monitor from ANY internet connection
  • Delete the software remotely
  • Lifetime usage - No renewal fees!
  • Uncomplicated to use

Sniper Spy

SniperSpy could be the most up-to-date in remote monitoring technology permitting you to remotely deploy and look at the display LIVE or see a variety of recorded activity. Concerned with just what your son or daughter or personnel is doing on the internet?

Only SniperSpy will log activity while allowing you to silently view the computer screen in real time. Windows edition can be installed remotely. In the event that you can't go to your computer and are concerned with the Internet safety or habits of your children or workers, you'll need SniperSpy. This high-tech spy application will help you to look at what exactly your kid is doing on-line. It will also allow you to monitor any employees who uses the company computer(s). It makes no difference what your location is, simply because installation silently takes place via e-mail. This straightforward tool allows you to install to your Pc whether it is in the next room or even the next continent!

Fairly listed and a terrific deal at just $ 39.97 quarterly, $59.97 semi-annual, or $79.97 annual.

SniperSpy has variants for both Windows and Mac

  • Content Filtering
  • Sent and Received Email, including Web Mail
  • IM and Chats
  • Internet websites Visited
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Word and Excel Documents
  • Applications Used
  • Screenshots
  • More !


Examine each and every email incoming and outgoing. See every Instant Message or Chat they take part in (each side of the conversation). Look at every single web page they go to and how long they stay there.

Block entry to unacceptable web sites (WebWatcher offers the best block list on the planet - guaranteed). Catch every single keystroke they enter with our keylogging. Limit access to just what software applications can be used (block programs & set schedules for use)

Take Screenshots of their computer screen - allowing you to see anything they do including graphics and video Be alerted when alert words you select are used .

Price for Annual Subscription is a good value at just $97.00

  • Schedule Online access
  • Prohibit MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites
  • Cease improper chat and child predators
  • Be given email and mobile notifications
  • End illegal file sharing
  • Monitor exactly where your kids are visiting on the net
  • Remote Management
  • IM Alert & Analysis
  • Customizable "Allowed" or "Blocked" Lists
  • Comprehensive Logs
  • Secure Web-site Filtering/Blocking
  • Game and Application Blocking
  • Browser Alerts
  • Configuration Assistant

Net Nanny

With current trends, keeping your kids risk-free on the internet has never been more challenging. Now, with the convenience and protection of Net Nanny's internet filter software package, you can be confident that your kids will be guarded from the things they don't need to see while still being able to do what they need to.

With the parental control tools provided by this successful internet filter, parents can feel at ease knowing that what their kids do on the internet is under their control.

Price for Annual Subscription is an amazing value at just $39.99

Net Nanny offers versions for both Windows and Mac

  • Plan Internet access
  • Block MySpace, Facebook and other social networking web pages
  • Put a stop to improper chat and child predators
  • Receive email and mobile alerts
  • End illegal file sharing
  • Track where kids go online
  • Remote Management
  • IM Alert & Analysis
  • Customizable "Allowed" or "Blocked" Lists
  • Comprehensive Logs
  • Secure Website Filtering/Blocking
  • Game and Application Blocking
  • Browser Alerts
  • Configuration Assistant

Net Nanny Internet Filter Software for Mac

Top-rated Parental Control Software is now available for a Mac!

Now you can finally protect your kids and have the online reassurance that you expect while using your Apple? computers. Up to now there hasn't been a simple yet effective internet filter solution to keep your family secure while permitting them to use the computer that they want. We are extremely pleased to supply the most trustworthy name in Parental Control Software for the Mac OS X platform. Make your family safe with the new Net Nanny filter software for Mac.

Price for Annual Subscription is just $39.99

  • View Multiple User Screens
  • Watch Keystrokes in real time
  • Monitor and Filter activities
  • Check out Sites Visited
  • Remote Reboot or Shut Down
  • Full Remote Control
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime usage and Priority Support
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Software

Net Spy Pro

Net Spy Pro is a network monitoring software created for employee, student or home networks. View multiple Computer screens in real time and examine recorded activity remotely. Get full control of any networked Pc with your keyboard and mouse! Net Spy Pro is local area network monitoring software developed for worker, student and personal networks. Look at multiple personnel or student screens in real-time.

Net Spy Pro may be the greatest combination network monitoring and remote control software. Net Spy Pro permits you to monitor all user activity on a TCP/IP network from your workstation. Are your network users getting out of hand? Are they wasting time or performing unauthorised actions while your back is turned? Ideal for nearly every Windows network, NSP allows you to check users and remotely control work stations in real time. Net Spy Pro incorporates innovative features such as watching several client desktops, getting complete remote control of a PC with YOUR keyboard and mouse, screenshot logging, LIVE keystroke viewer and other real-time monitoring features.

Very reasonably priced at $169

Windows Mobile SMS and Parental Responsibility

Most people are informed about the problems and hazards involving computers and the web. Smartphones are like computers, yet include even more challenges due to their convenience, advanced communications, and autonomy.

An astounding One-fifth of teens state they have sent or posted nude or seminude 'sexting' images, potentially a serious sex crime.

Windows Mobile SMS and Staff Monitoring

  • About twenty-one percent of businesses have experienced worker email subpoenaed by courts or regulators.
  • Roughly 13% of corporations have battled lawsuits prompted by employee e-mail.
  • Just about 65% of corporations lack e-mail retention policies.

Windows Mobile SMS and Uncovering Unfaithfulness

Recent studies show that 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men take part in adulterous sex at some point or another during their relationship. In countless cases, unfaithfulness never gets found out. There aren't any certain signs of cheating.

Scientific data (i.e., research on biology and reproduction) shows that long-term monogamy is difficult for humans to accomplish - Not impossible, but challenging.

Spy Software

Windows Mobile SMS

Endorsed by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) endorses employers implement monitoring software packages.

Just what is Spy Software? Especially, Spyphone Software?

Probably it just all depends upon a matter of semantics.

We usually do not consider 'spying' as necessarily a bad thing. This site, and the software referred to related to Windows Mobile SMS isn't about hacking. It's about applying systems in order to solve several persistent and serious problems. These software programs are not 'viruses' nor 'trojans' - you need actual control of the phone to accept installation of the cell phone monitoring program.

Monitoring Software

Windows Mobile SMS

Windows Mobile SMS Cell Phone Spy programs for cell phones doesn't necessarily mean a unfavorable interpretation for 'spyware'. The same can be said regarding the term Keylogger, which used to imply illegitimate use of monitoring technology for inappropriate motives.

Some cell phone spy software programs are very sophisticated and marketed by reasonably honest businesses; but sad to say the majority of offers come from unethical marketers or other types of shady characters making false promises.

Windows Mobile SMS. Monitoring software programs will be what you should make reference to as being a common phrase for the various types of programs that are out there to file pc or smartphone activity.

From one perspective the main difference usually comes right down to word usage; hacking on one side, monitoring on the other.

Bluetooth spy phone software programs will not have much in the way of lawful reasons for mobile phones monitoring. Bluetooth spy phone software programs seem intended solely for secret call interception which indicates malignant intention, and not permissible monitoring. In addition to that Bluetooth spy phone software programs normally need owner acceptance while calls are being made for activation which means they don't function as surreptitious spyware, in turn proving that Bluetooth spy phone software applications are a failure. Bluetooth spyphone software hacks are a bad idea.

Windows Mobile SMS Key Logger or Keystroke Logger

What exactly is a monitoring application? Just what key logger? Precisely what is a computer spy application?

In other words, Keystroke logging (oftentimes named keylogging) is the process of tracking (or logging) the keys typed on a computer keyboard, traditionally in a hidden technique so that the person using the computer keys is unaware that their actions are being checked. Nevertheless the purpose of applying the technology can vary widely, legit purposes for practicing monitoring including keylogging far outweigh clandestine/illegal purposes.

Keylogger Application

A keystroke logger is mainly in reference to an application or a part of software that allows the taking of key strokes which have been entered into the a personal computer. If you are hunting for an instant message monitor to file IMs or something able to do far more.

Phone Tracking

Cell Phone GPS is a definitely valuable monitoring tool.

Windows Mobile SMS Why Monitor?

Internet Safety

Parental Controls

Employer Responsibility

Discover the Truth

Many people may use spy in terms used to describe Windows Mobile SMS legitimate monitoring of mobile phones.

There are a wide variety of valid rationale to Track cell-phone and communications content.

Not only is Parental Monitoring allowed, and Employee Monitoring acceptable, they are required. If not legally, then morally and ethically; since parents and employers are in a position to mitigate tragedy and liability that come from mobile phone misuse or the need for protection. Authority comes with responsibility.

Catch a Cheater Windows Mobile SMS

To Catch a Cheater: Probably the most prevalent justification people decides to use smartphone spy phone software programs, is to catch a cheating spouse.

There are probably few issues more aggravating than the doubts associated with suspecting a spouse or partner is cheating. With so much on the line, and given the occurrence of infidelity there is no surprise that investigating relationships is probably the most broadly quoted cause for applying monitoring.

Parental Monitoring and Parental Control Windows Mobile SMS

Parental responsibly signifies being aware of where kids happen to be and what they are doing with their mobile phones and computers.

To Monitor Teenagers Smartphone Usage: Parents and guardians use smartphone spy software programs to get a handle on distracted drivers, sexting, predators, excessive use.

Flexispy vs. Mobile Spy vs. MobiStealth
PhoneSheriff vs. CA Mobile Security
WebWatcher Mobile

Flexispy and Mobile Spy are the prime "spyphone" applications and compete for top position. However PhoneSheriff presents some good capabilities and is competitively priced. MobiStealth may be a relative newcomer, but presents lots of features.

Windows Mobile SMS Spy Software

Phone Tracker

Phone Trace

The majority of cell spy monitoring applications are generally suitable for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Most are also 'stealthy' meaning cellphones can be monitored discreetly. Involving Windows Mobile SMS make sure you check compatible cell phone information on our partner web sites.

PhoneSheriff (previously named Mobile Nanny, offered by makers of Mobile Spy), and CA Mobile Security are designed for parents or guardians or employers that are looking to get involved with monitoring and controlling just how smartphones are used. Flexispy, Mobile Spy, MobiStealth and WebWatcher Mobile are usually more about taking a sneak peek to see what's going on.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is by far the most popular spyphone applications together with common basic features and reasonable pricing.


Flexispy is distinguishable given that it offers Spy Call and Intercept Call to remotely control the telephone mike and convert it into a covert listening device and also to even tap cell phone conversations.


MobiStealth features phone tap and eavesdropping features similar to Flexispy plus Call Recording, Web Visit Log and Image Logging for some models of phones.

These Windows Mobile SMS apps aren't 'viruses' nor 'trojans' - you require actual physical control of the telephone to permit installing of the cell phone monitoring software program.


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'Terra Nova' offers new world for dino fans

A preview from Fox's "Terra Nova" touches upon the TV show's themes ... and the dinosaurs.

By Alan Boyle

When viewers tune in to Fox's "Terra Nova" time-travel TV series, premiering tonight on Fox, they'll see an 85 million-year-old world that's pretty much "terra incognita" for dinosaur experts. And that's?just fine with?world-famous paleontologist Jack Horner.

"I suggested 85 million, because it's a time that we know the least about, and it's kind of in the middle of the Cretaceous period, which means we could bring some older dinosaurs forward and take some younger dinosaurs back without getting in too much trouble," Horner told me.

So even though the long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur known as Brachiosaurus died out long before Tyrannosaurus rex came onto the scene, their cousins can mix it up in the computer-generated landscape created for "Terra Nova."

"We just cannot use a T. rex, but there are tyrannosaurs, so we can certainly create an animal that looks very similar to T. rex," Horner said.

Tonight's premiere raises the curtain on a series that?some critics have characterized as a cross between "The Lost World" and "Lost," with a flashy "Stargate" time portal and an extra?dash of "Swiss Family Robinson" thrown in.?There are family dramas, shadowy conspiracies and seemingly indecipherable rock?markings to stir the pot, but the success of the mega-expensive series arguably depends on?the dinosaurs ? just as it did for the "Jurassic Park" movie series.

Horner is familiar with the terrain ? not only because of his roles as curator of paleontology at Montana's Museum of the Rockies, professor at Montana State University and one of the world's foremost fossil-hunters, but also because he was a consultant for "Jurassic Park" and a model for the movie's alpha-scientist character.

Steven Spielberg, co-executive producer for "Terra Nova," was the one who brought in Horner as a consultant for the "Jurassic Park" movies. "I guess he liked what I did there, so [the TV show's producers] called and asked if I could do it" for "Terra Nova" as well, Horner recalled.

Horner works with the artists and the writers on the dino concepts. "My job really is to make sure the dinosaurs are as accurate as they can be, even if we invent them," he said. "If they're going to be raptorlike dinosaurs, they have to have the characteristics of a raptorial dinosaur ... but when it comes to headgear, we can do a lot of things."

Slasher movie
That last comment relates to the first dinosaur invented for the series: a nasty critter?referred to as?the "Acceraptor" and nicknamed the "Slasher."

"He's got some?characteristics that are new, but still within the realm of possibility," Horner said. "The only detail I can tell you is, it's going to be a scary dinosaur. Let's put it this way: I wouldn't want to be in the forest with a Slasher, especially at night."

Further details have?seeped out through the dinosaur blogs:?The Slasher sports some gaudy headgear that Brian Switek, who blogs about paleontology for Smithsonian magazine and Wired, has criticized as a "horribly lame" look (see below for more).?It has some?fearsome-looking claws, but its deadliest weapons are the sharp barbs that whip around at the end of its?yards-long tail. "As far as I know, that's totally made up," Bob Strauss, who manages's guide to dinosaurs, told me.

Horner said he's willing to give the writers and artists wide latitude when it comes to dreaming up dinosaurs. "If we know something for sure, then we'll keep it within the bounds of science," but if there are?blank spaces in the scientific picture, a little (or a lot of) imagination is allowed. This is Hollywood, after all.

"Just like the people in the movie, the dinosaurs are actors. They will go faster than we think dinosaurs can go," Horner admitted.

Food for thought for dino fans
That was the case for "Jurassic Park," and Horner is hoping that "Terra Nova" will offer even?greater dramatic possibilities, for the dinosaurs as well as for the human actors.

"It's one thing to make a movie. Movies are two hours of a single story," Horner said. "The really cool thing about 'Terra Nova' is that it is a series, so we have the capability of building and building and building on it, each time seeing new animal and plant characters and still being able to follow the family that the story is about. In many ways, it's a lot better than a movie, just on a smaller screen."

And if dinosaur fans want to argue over the finer points of the dinosaur depictions, that's just fine with Horner, too. "If people are watching and paying attention like that, that would be great," he told me.

Here?are some of the reviews from experts who are paying attention:

? University of Maryland paleontologist Thomas Holtz, who wrote the official "Jurassic Park" dinosaur guide and has consulted on many dinosaur documentaries, including the Discovery Channel's "Dinosaur Revolution":

The main reason why the "Terra Nova" colonists go through a rupture in space-time is because the world has become an environmental wasteland by the year 2149. People have to wear "re-breathers" on their faces to cope with the polluted air. But Holtz noted that the world of 85 million B.C. wasn't exactly a breath of fresh air, either.

"If you're trying to escape climate change by going back to the past, you wouldn't want to go back to 85 million years ago, where CO2 is almost 1,000 parts per million, as opposed to 392 at present," he observed. Holtz acknowledged, however, that an elevated carbon dioxide level isn't the only environmental problem facing the smoggy, run-down?world of 2149.

As for the dinosaurs, Holtz had a couple of pieces of advice for the writers. First, don't get too specific about the dinosaur names. Instead of referring to Brachiosaurus (the long-necked plant-eater that makes an early appearance on tonight's show) or Carnotaurus (the toothy, horned dinosaur that almost runs down Terra Nova's patriarch in the episode), use more generic names (brachiosaurs or abelisaurs, respectively). There's no evidence that either Brachiosaurus or Carnotaurus was around 85 million years ago,?but it's plausible to claim that their distant cousins were.

"Saying it more generically is safer," Holtz said.

Also, as the series goes on, Holtz hopes the writers get the locale right. For example, no Carnotaurus fossils have been found in North America, so if the series claims that the "Terra Nova" colonists are settling in Cretaceous Chicago, coming upon Carnotaurus' older cousins there would be "as unlikely as encountering a koala in Montana," Holtz said.

Most of the TV audience?might not care that much about the terminology, but it's better to have the dino-geeks for you than against you. "They get mad enough with the dinosaur documentaries," said Holtz, speaking from experience.

? Science writer Brian Switek, author of Smithsonian's Dinosaur Tracking blog and the book "Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record and Our Place in Nature." Here's Switek's pithy email critique of the "Terra Nova" dinos:

"All I have seen of the 'slasher' is the promotional artwork, but, yes, I'm sorry to say that the creature design for the dinosaur is horribly lame. The poor creature looks as if the special effects artists took one of the Jurassic Park raptors, stuck a crest from an oviraptorid dinosaur on its head, and then gave it a bad toupee. So many fantastic and terrifying dinosaurs have been found?? dromaeosaurs with double sickle-claws (Balaur), Allosaurus-cousins with sail backs (Concavenator), crocodile-snouted hunters (Baryonyx), and others?? that the I think the show's creators would have done better to draw inspiration from actual dinosaurs rather than trying to dress up a Deinonychus.

"Then there's the scientific issue. Thanks to multiple discoveries of feathered dinosaurs during the past 15 years, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that many coelurosaurs ? the group to which raptors, tyrannosaurs, oviraptorids and others belong ? were at least partly covered in feathers. Even Velociraptor arm bones have been found with quill knobs for the attachment of feathers! (The significance of this is that we can now detect the presence of feathers on some dinosaurs even if the feathers themselves are not preserved.) Therefore, the 'slasher' should be a feathery beast and look less like a dinosaur with a comb-over. Every year more feathered coelurosaurs are found, and it's time that television shows and movies featuring these dinosaurs restore the animals with their full plumage. ...

"It is true that our knowledge of dinosaur life around 85 million years ago (the beginning of the Santonian age) is relatively limited. Compared to what we know about the later Campanian (83 million to 70 million years ago) and Maastrichtian (70 million to 65 million years ago) ages, the world of dinosaurs during the Santonian is still fuzzy and waiting to be fleshed out by new discoveries. That said, I don't have a problem with a show creating new dinosaurs or even bringing in dinosaurs from slightly older or younger time periods. (If I recall correctly, Carnotaurus ? a Campanian dinosaur from prehistoric Argentina ? is in the show.) Sometimes scientific accuracy needs to be bent a little to make compelling television. That's just the way it goes when you want to tell a story.

"Nevertheless, I don't think any imaginary dinosaur can really compare to the real animals we're finding. Spielberg and the show's co-creators can dream up as many dinosaurs as they want, but, to me, speculative creatures like the slasher are always going to pale in comparison to the bizarre array of wonderful dinosaurs paleontologists have uncovered."

Science writer Bob Strauss, dinosaur guide for?, who?saw an advance screening of "Terra Nova" and discusses it in a review:

Strauss said "Jurassic Park"?stirred up a lot of controversy on the subject of dinosaur verisimilitude. For example,?real Velociraptors were nowhere near smart?enough or agile enough to?turn a doorknob, and?pterosaurs weren't strong enough to carry off a?kid.

"Terra Nova" could well do the same, and not just because of slasher's barb-whipping?tail.?Did brachiosaurs really eat small lizards, or were they strictly herbivores? Shouldn't?the TV series' Carnotaurus have arms as wimpy as the real thing? Where's the slasher's hind-foot claw?

But?judging by the first show, Strauss thinks dino-geeks will stick with the series, if for no other reason than to get their weekly Cretaceous fix and debate how the Hollywood monsters compare with the real things. "They're just so happy to have dinosaurs on TV," he told me.

More about dinosaurs in fact and fiction:

Connect with the Cosmic Log community by "liking" the log's Facebook page, following @b0yle on Twitter or adding me to your Google+ circle. You can also check out "The Case for Pluto," my book about the controversial dwarf planet and the search for other worlds.


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Long Island Dental Implants Work | Health Fitness Business

Long Island dental implants work similar to real tooth roots. Dental Implants are titanium tooth ?roots? which are used to replace lost natural roots. Once in position, they become strongly attached to the bone. When they are well attached to the bone (the particular process is called ?Osseointegration?), an artificial tooth is attached to the implant. They could be used to replace single or several missing teeth. They?re also of big help to individuals who use dentures. ?


Metal posts or frames are surgically placed to the jawbone under the gums in dental implants. Because implants fuse to your jawbone, they provide steady support for false teeth. Bridges and dentures attached to implants won?t slide or shift inside your mouth ? an especially important benefit whenever eating and speaking. This secure fit helps the dentures and bridges ? and also individual crowns positioned over implants ? feel much more natural than conventional bridges or dentures. Dental implants replace a tooth with a properly made replica meant to function as a real tooth. All these unnatural teeth are inserted by having a number of surgeries which carefully attach them to the gums so they take the place of the pre-existing roots as well as the tooth. Dental implants are used to replace teeth ruined by disease, or damaged by any type of accident.


Dental implants go through the same process that knee and hip joint replacements work. Dental implants are created with a treated biocompatible titanium fixture which, when placed in direct contact with bone, forms a very strong union with the bone surface. A connection within the implant enables teeth to be attached down into the implant. Dental implants could also work to secure dentures through the use of locator or special attachments. The actual implant procedure involves the surgical positioning of the implant or implants, a healing period and also implant restoration to replace the missing tooth or teeth. The procedure can be a cooperative effort between a surgical dentist Long Island who actually puts the implant and a restorative dentist who forms, prescribes and places the last replacement teeth. A few Long Island dentist have advanced training and offer both of these services.


Dental implants also help to protect against bone loss and facial structure. They are also easier to maintain and have been proven to be less of embarrassment risk than partials or dentures. Your mouth finally ends up with lesser bacteria because you do not have the adjoining plate to hold teeth against your gums, the roof of the mouth, and up against other teeth. In some cases, the plate riding against the other teeth traps sufficient bacteria to promote additional tooth decay.


Long Island dental Implants are actually a fantastic procedure, giving you a second chance for your teeth! In fact, the utilization of dental implants has become a lot more common and the overall cost of each tooth has decreased over the last decade. This does help many individuals maintain a strong, good smile and good eating habits and also a much better self-confidence.



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Free Legal Advice Forums for Free Legal Suppor and Free Legal ...

You have to know for legal services on the web a person find moral support is either untrustworthy or that you need to pay hard. However, there happens to be the place you can turn to discover you would like. Free legal counsel forums is known as a web page and get each of the legal information you could possibly need.

If you have had a concern also, you aren?t certain that you prefer to pursue law suit, it is possible to go to the forum and post your question. Your will get yourself a response from our legal team.

The forums include accident and injury law, bankruptcy and credit rating law, wills and trust law, traffic law, business and financial and contract law, tax law, housing law, intellectual property and internet law, consumer and general practice law, courts, lawyers and litigation, insurance law, immigration law criminal law and procedure, employment and labor law, government and administrative and family law. To aid you to observe that in most subject of law, free legal counsel forums will help you.

In case you have an issue with any of the above and aren?t sure the direction to go, you?ll be able to pose your question onto the forums for free. Everyone recognises that lawyers are expensive, so before contacting one, it really is a good idea to ascertain stylish actually worth following a downside to a legal counsel. With the extensive forums for a whole selection different legal subjects, you are usually guaranteed locate a region that could be strongly related to you and they should be prepared to enable you to.

This fabulous site is new, and for that reason doesn?t need a considerable amount of users yet. This really is a gift simply because it means that any question that you pose is answered really fast mindful about aren?t that a number of people posting. So ensure you get your question towards the site soon before it fills up in addition to to wait patiently longer to your reply. Tell your friends and family concerning site too, as every once in awhile still new they too can get fast responses to the posts.

Coursesmart is rather simple to operate. You need to simply join up. This just involves entering an online form after which it looking forward to your activation email. It might think that problems nonetheless it prevents the internet site filling up with unwanted advertisements. Once that may be done you will be able post a matter upon any of the boards. There is no limit for the variety of questions you pose along with the responses have grown fast. You should ask to be emailed should you have a result and that means you do not have to keep checking together with the web page to determine whether your question or questions have obtained a result.

Twelve common that Free legal counsel forums is perfect for informational purposes only and is not legal counsel. For advice you will have to meet with a local attorney or lawyer.


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Wa8pyr | Trucking Communication Systems and Truck ...

The trucking industry has always enjoyed its communication tools and the drivers have also enjoyed them as well. CB or Citizen Band Radios were often a driver?s only communication in the middle of the night on a long-haul. perhaps you remember the famous TV show BJ and the Bear or maybe you liked some of the famous Hollywood Movies with Big Rigs? these entertainment and artistic creations are pretty accurate when it comes to the use of CBs.

Local Trucking Companies have also very much enjoyed trunk repeater radio systems with the systems on the top of a local hill, infrastructure or high buildings. Satellite communication systems started out as expensive, but that is no longer the case. Trucking Companies enjoyed satellite Alpha Pagers, radios and phones as first adopters. the Industry needs its communication systems and today all they are part of the reason for its success.

Truck Transponders

Truck Transponders are a nifty device, which allow us to identify the truck it is attached to with a unique number or label. this makes them perfect for billing for toll-ways, knowing who is who and allowing them to by-pass thru a reader. this also helps weigh scales check rapidly if the truck is up-to-date and of a known company or trust-worthy source. unfortunately not all trucks have transponders. perhaps they should to speed up traffic flows?

If all trucks had transponders it would be easy to accurately and fairly distribute their fair share of the costs associated with maintaining the roads and highways. For instance; Road Usage Tax and Commercial Carrier Trucking Transponders might solve a lot of problems. Truck Transponders are an excellent communication device to insure safety in trucking and prevent unknown Evil Doers from using a truck to harm us.

You don't have to only use radio scan. This is a hard nosed approach. Why don't we all chip in and improve ham radio exams? The recruits here before now know that. Ham radios for sale was the real McCoy. I suspect my buddy overheard my frustration and took this back to the dealer. My radio scanner reviews has never been taken out of the box. Ham radio call signs doesn't change very often. That is part of the new wave. This is how to get started with ham radio operator as long as radioscanner has a way of testing one's mettle. Make sure to add a radio scaner for ham radio gear lovers. The following statements are outlined to provide knowledge on how you can use software defined ham radio and also there is typical area that perfect strangers occasionally have a problem with.


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Hello, World...

Like everyone here currently or has at one time been, I'm new *check the watermark behind the ear and the lime-green hue*. I was referred here by a friend, hopefully, many of you know. I go by The X-Factor. "X" for short is ok. I love to rp but I'm quite new at that, too. Any help and/or encouragement will be appreciated!



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Sunday, September 25, 2011

U.S. Postal Service in trouble? Old advertisements show we once idolized the neighborhood letter carrier.

Click image to launch slideshow on vintage USPS ads.

Earlier this month, Rep. Darrell Issa, R.-Calif., launched an ominous website emblazoned with a ticking countdown clock and featuring a melodramatic video. The film's opening image: a tattered, quivering American flag stuck in a splintered wooden post, enveloped by a somber, stormy sky. "An American icon is broke," the video voice-over begins, "done in by decades of lavish spending, defeated by new technology." That icon is the United States Postal Service. And the video, while somewhat histrionic, is correct. If Congress doesn't act to relieve the USPS' debt by Sept. 30, the 236-year-old institution could default and collapse.

A few decades ago, saving the USPS would not have merited such a dramatic public relations campaign. What's changed? "That relationship, the one-on-one that used to be very much a part of it, is gone," explains Nancy Pope, the curator of postal operations at the National Post Office Museum in Washington, D.C. "We still trust [mail carriers] with our mail, but we don't like them as much." Pope dusted off this selection of quaint, old ads that reveal a forgotten era of the U.S. Postal Service (called the Post Office Department until the summer of 1971, when it became the U.S. Postal Service)?an era when the common man endeavored to be more like the postman. Men who delivered airmail were superheroes, and patrons treated rural postmen like old friends. In fact, the Post Office Department was so beloved, "companies were basing their ad campaigns on this," Pope says. See what she means in these images.

Elizabeth Weingarten is a Slate editorial assistant.


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3D "Lion King" rules box office for second week (Reuters)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) ? "The Lion King" fended off Brad Pitt to keep the box-office crown for a second straight weekend.

Walt Disney Co's 3D re-release of the animated classic rang up an estimated $22.1 million in U.S. and Canadian ticket sales over three days as families turned out to see lion cub Simba's return to theaters.

Baseball drama "Moneyball" starring Pitt took second and family film "Dolphin Tale" finished a close third, according to studio projections released on Sunday.

Ticket sales for "The Lion King 3D" have far surpassed industry expectations for a movie that debuted in 1994 and will soon hit stores on Blu-ray disc. The film has grossed $61.7 million in North American (U.S. and Canadian) theaters since its release last weekend, plus $16 million in international markets, where it came out more than a month ago.

Combined, the "Lion King" re-release has brought in $77.7 million around the world. Disney will extend the planned two-week run in theaters, said Dave Hollis, executive vice president for motion picture sales and distribution at Disney.

"We are working to meet that demand," Hollis said.

Baseball and math didn't quite add up to a box-office win for "Moneyball," which finished in second place with $20.6 million domestically. Pitt plays real-life Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, who used unconventional statistical analysis to field a small-budget team of overlooked players to make an unlikely playoff run.

The movie won positive reviews from critics and received an A rating from audiences polled by CinemaScore.

The film was based on a nonfiction book by Michael Lewis and cost about $50 million to produce. Sales hit the high end of studio projections, said Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution for Columbia Pictures, which released the film.

Close behind was another story from the animal kingdom. "Dolphin Tale" brought in an estimated $20.3 million to take third place, a strong showing for a family film against the mighty performance from "Lion King."

The movie, starring Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman, is based on the true story of a dolphin that loses its tail in a crab trap and is rehabilitated with a prosthetic tail. The real dolphin that inspired the story portrays the dolphin in the film.

The movie won a rare A+ rating from audiences polled by CinemaScore. Also offered in 3D, the film was produced by Alcon Entertainment for about $37 million.


Action film "Abduction," starring and produced by "Twilight" heartthrob Taylor Lautner in his first major role outside the popular vampire and werewolf series, pulled in $11.2 million to take fourth place.

In "Abduction," Lautner plays a teenager on the run after he discovers his parents aren't who he thought they were and his life has been a lie. He pieces together the truth while being pursued by the FBI and killer assassins. The film cost Lions Gate Entertainment about $35 million to make.

Spy thriller "Killer Elite," starring Robert de Niro, Clive Owen and Jason Stratham, finished in fifth place with $9.5 million. The film is the first movie released by Open Road Films, a joint venture between theater owners Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Entertainment Inc.

The weekend also saw surprise summer hit "The Smurfs" crossing a milestone with more than $500 million in global ticket sales since the 3D live-action and animated family film debuted in July.

Columbia Pictures, a unit of Sony Corp, released "Moneyball" and "The Smurfs." "Dolphin Tale" was released by Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc. Lions Gate Entertainment distributed "Abduction."

(Reporting by Lisa Richwine; Editing by Eric Walsh)


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Nokia Appoints Research Chief As New CTO ? He?ll Be Based In Silicon Valley

tirriNokia this morning announced that it has appointed Henry Tirri, formerly Head of Nokia Research Centre, as its new chief technology officer and executive vice president. He's replacing former CTO Richard Green, who took a leave of absence for personal reasons last June (in fact, Tirri already took on Green?s day-to-day responsibilities at that time). Interestingly, Tirri will be based in Sunnyvale, California, one of the major cities in Silicon Valley.


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Planning for Health Insurance Exchange Comes Under Fire

Critics say that the committee that this week issued its recommendations on the exchange to the Legislature and Governor Paul LePage is putting the interests of insurance industry's ahead of consumers'.

"I don't think it's surprising that a group that explicitly excluded individual consumers comes up with a plan that probably won't work well for those consumers," said State Rep. Sharon Treat.

Treat, a Hallowell Democrat on the Legislature's Insurance and Financial Services Committee, pointed to the fact that the nine-member advisory committee is wholly comprised of insurance and health care insiders except for one representative of small business and another representing Maine's Indian tribes.

Treat said she's troubled that the committee does not think the exchange should use its buying clout to negotiate with insurers over the pricing of plans.

Potentially, tens of thousands of Mainers could buy coverage through the exchange. The US census indicates that roughly 133,000 people, or about 10 percent of Maine?s population, do not have coverage.

"The exchange provides the opportunity to really go out there and do group purchasing or negotiate the best possible policies or to limit those policies," Treat said. "Also, this is public money and that public money should be spent to purchase really good effective insurance."

Joe Bruno, who chairs the advisory committee, said that "most of us felt the free-market approach is the best way to have competition and to keep prices lower."

Bruno, a former Republican state legislator and owner of a pharmacy company, said committee members were drawing on the experiences of Maine's insurance market for individuals.

"It's a failed market because we don't have competition," Bruno said. "We have an insurance market controlled by one or two insurers. That has not worked."

Bruno downplayed concerns that industry members appointed to the new board overseeing the exchange --- say an insurance broker -- would be allowed to weigh in on policy decisions that stand to benefit them directly.

"Maine is a small state and will there be a conflict?" Bruno said. "There may be, but it's pretty clear in the law, what you need to recuse yourself from a lot of the times."

But the advocacy group Consumers for Affordable Health Care still worries that consumers are getting short shrift. Policy director Mitchell Stein said he's concerned that the committee didn't focus more attention on so-called navigators -- the people who would be hired to help exchange shoppers choose plans and determine whether they qualify for federal tax credits. Not everybody, Stein said, will know how to use the web site that will be set up for the exchange.

"As friendly as the web site might be," Stein said, "there are many who are not skilled at negotiating web sites and may not even have access so they would need more one on one assistance with the process."

Stein says that some of those so-called "navigators" could very well be staffers at Consumers for Affordable Health Care, which already runs a state-wide helpline for people with questions about coverage.

State Representative Jonathan McKane, a Republican from Newcastle who is also on the Insurance and Financial Services Committee, has not had a chance to review all of the committee's recommendations. But he opposed the idea of Consumers for Affordable Health Care playing a larger role in the exchange.

He says the businesses that buy health care are better representatives of consumers, and should be on the exchange's board. At the same time, he thinks the state should plan for the scenario in which the states trying to get the federal Affordable Care Act thrown out in the courts are victorious, and an exchange is no longer mandated.

"I think there needs to be perhaps a kick-out clause that if the federal mandate goes aweay so does our exchange," McKane said.

McKane and Treat both offered separate pieces of legislation on the health insurance exchanges last session. Lawmakers will take up their bills when the Legislature reconvenes in January.

The two legislators disagree on what kind of role the existing Dirigo Health agency should play in the new insurance exchange. Treat wants to take advantage of the organizational structure and expertise within the agency; McKane says he want to keep any new exchange as small as possible.

Regardless of who staffs the exchange, it appears it will be housed within the state Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, as the advisory committee has recommended.

Legislation is also expected to come out of the advisory committee's recommendations, which the Insurance and Financial Services Committee will take up for the first time at a meeting on Monday.


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

ANALYSIS - Informal lending stymies India's inflation fight (Reuters)

NEW DELHI (Reuters) ? Sudhir Kakkar, a business executive in a New Delhi publishing firm, recently needed to borrow money to furnish his house after getting married. Instead of approaching commercial banks for his loan, however, Kakkar joined a "chit fund" group.

"I needed money urgently. I initially thought of going for a bank loan but bank credit requires too much paperwork and verifications. Also, with interest rates rising, taking a personal loan would have cost me more," he said.

"Joining a chit fund was like paying off my debt every month in a fixed instalment without any interest payment."

Kakkar and the millions like him who use informal credit schemes to raise money are a pest for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which has ratcheted up interest rates 12 times over the past 18 months in a battle to tame inflation now threatening to surge into double figures.

Last week the RBI lifted its policy lending rate, the repo rate, by 25 basis points to 8.25 percent and said it was too soon to ease back from its anti-inflationary bias, pressing on with a policy that has done more to slow the economy's growth than contain a relentless rise in prices.

The latest series of interest rate rises is taking its toll on industry. Annual industrial output growth in July slumped to a two-year low of 3.3 percent in July and the August purchasing managers' index data suggest an upturn is unlikely in the near term. And yet, price pressures remain.

Although it started tightening later than other emerging market economies, the RBI's failure to contain inflation may have as much to do with the heavy use of informal credit schemes that bypass the Indian banking system.

"Monetary policy relies on incremental effect to achieve its objective. However, static rates prevalent in informal money markets tend to counteract that," said Siddhartha Sanyal, an economist with Barclays Capital in Mumbai.

This is not the first time that rate increases have failed to cool inflation.

In 2008, when a surge in global oil prices pushed inflation into double digits, the RBI ratcheted rates up to 9 percent, 75 basis points higher than the current repo rate, but inflation remained stubbornly above 11 percent.


Members of a chit fund pool fixed sums of money every month for a certain period, and each month they select a beneficiary among them by drawing a lot or through an auction.

The manager of the fund is responsible for collecting installments from its members, presides over the lotteries or auctions and keeps a record of the cashflow and pay-outs. He is paid a fixed amount on a monthly basis, usually around five percent of the gross chit amount.

Kakkar says he was introduced to the concept of chit funds by a Delhi-based businessman, Dinesh Sharma, a leather merchant who uses another informal financing mechanism, barter, to pay for his merchandise from the southern city of Chennai.

"I just need to get in touch with the middlemen," said Sharma. "They arrange payments for my purchases in Chennai. In exchange, I have to pay for purchases made on behalf of Chennai-based businessmen in Delhi."

Moneylenders are a third route of informal financing. They charge rates of 3-10 percent a month depending on the collateral their borrowers provide, far more than the annual rate of 15-18 percent on personal loans from commercial banks, but they still do brisk business because credit through these channels is easy to access and less or no paperwork is required to set loans up.

Analysts say that almost 40 percent of India's "unorganized economy" - which itself accounts for nearly half of the $1.6 trillion economy - is driven by financing obtained through informal channels.

Indian commercial banks lent about $800 billion in fiscal 2010/11, the bulk of which is likely to have gone to large and state-run firms, creditworthy borrowers. This squeezes funding for smaller private businesses, forcing them to rely on informal financing markets.

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, a think tank, estimates firms commissioned projects worth only 633 billion rupees in the quarter to June, a fraction of a targeted 8.3 trillion rupees for the fiscal year that ends in March 2012.

In mature economies such as the United States, big firms raise funds from the bond market at a lower cost than bank credit. But in India, the absence of a viable corporate bond market, big firms are forced to depend on banks, crowding out smaller firms.

With a corporate bond market valued at below $250 billion, lower than those in China and South Korea, India has one of the smallest corporate bond markets in Asia, the RBI said in its August bulletin, quoting figures from Asian Bonds Online.

"The key thing to do is to develop the corporate bond market. It is a weak market right now. If that improves (the monetary) transmission mechanism also improves," said Devika Mehndiratta of Credit Suisse.


But the problem lies with individuals as well as corporations.

Nearly half of India's population of 1.2 billion population does not have a bank account. A tendency to use moneylenders means that millions make consumption decisions irrespective of what the RBI does to interest rates, which ends up blunting the RBI's monetary tools.

India's cash to economic output ratio is high, at nearly 11 percent, RBI data shows. Rural households keep nearly 42 percent of their cash savings at home.

"To make monetary transmission more effective, India needs to bring more and more people under the purview of banking," Sanyal said.

A 2005 government report on countrywide debt and investment found that the share of institutions in the total cash dues of urban households had increased to 75.1 percent by 2002 from 72 percent in 1991, while that of moneylenders increased to 14.1 percent from 10.2 percent over the same period.

In rural households, institutions' share declined to 57.1 percent from 64 percent in 1991 and moneylenders' share increased to 29.6 percent from 17.5 percent.

"Unlike in economies like the U.S. or Korea, where people rely on credit for durable purchases, barring a few pockets of consumption like housing and autos, the bulk of the consumption for people in India ... remains non-leveraged," said Mehndiratta.

(Editing by John Chalmers and Vidya Ranganathan)


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