Monday, October 24, 2011

Perry beefs up national campaign staff (AP)

WASHINGTON ? His campaign struggling, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is beefing up his campaign staff with veterans of presidential elections and is ready to start running his first television ads in must-win Iowa.

Campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan said the additions have been planned for weeks and represent "a natural progression as we head towards election days" in the early states.

David Carney will continue as Perry's top strategist, Sullivan said. But veteran pollster and campaign hand Tony Fabrizio will also take on a senior strategic role, "not to replace Carney, but work with him," said a Republican familiar with the move who spoke on condition of anonymity ahead of an official announcement.

Additional staff will focus on campaign ads, Sullivan said.

"It is primarily boosting our media team with folks who've been involved in multiple presidential campaigns in the past," Sullivan said. "The focus will be on the media side."

That media effort was set to begin on Tuesday with a week-long, statewide ad buy in Iowa. With time ticking toward Iowa's Jan. 3 caucuses, Perry is stepping up his efforts to introduce himself to voters and steady a campaign that in recent weeks has seemed unsteady.

Perry's new advisers ? including Fabrizio, former Bob Dole strategist Nelson Warfield, and media and polling strategist Curt Anderson ? have just two months until the first contests to make Perry competitive with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Perry's chief rival.

So far, Perry has struggled through a series of debates and had trouble explaining his position on immigration. He's dropped from the top of national polls. Still, Perry hasn't run any TV ads yet, but he has $15 million banked to buy them.

The staff changes are also a clear indication that Perry's team will focus on winning Florida's primary: Fabrizio, Anderson and Warfield worked for Florida Gov. Rick Scott's 2010 election campaign. Scott hasn't endorsed a presidential hopeful, but spoke positively about Perry last month when the candidates gathered for a test vote in Orlando.


Associated Press writer Philip Elliott contributed to this report.


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Google, PE firms mull bid for Yahoo: report (Reuters)

(Reuters) ? Google Inc has spoken to at least two private equity firms about possibly helping them finance a deal to buy Yahoo Inc's core business, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing a person familiar with the matter.

Google and prospective partners have held preliminary discussions but have not come up with a formal proposal, and Google may end up deciding not to pursue a bid, the source said.

It is not clear which private equity firms Google has spoken to, the WSJ said.

Representatives of Google could not immediately be reached for comment.

Any potential deal between the two biggest Internet companies would likely arouse antitrust scrutiny.

Google is interested in selling some advertising across Yahoo's websites, the Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft Corp is now considering financing part of a bid for Yahoo by a private equity firm, people familiar with the matter have said.

Yahoo has been in a state of chaos since it fired former CEO Carol Bartz in early September. The company retained investment banking firm Allen & Co to help conduct a "strategic review" of its business and is reportedly working with executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles to find a new CEO.

A number of potential buyers have expressed interest in a deal with Yahoo. Private equity firms Silver Lake Partners, Providence Equity Partners, Bain Capital, Hellman & Friedman, Blackstone Group, and KKR are among those likely to get a look at the limited financial data Yahoo's advisers are circulating.

(Reporting by Matthew Lewis in Chicago; Editing by Vicki Allen)


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Ohio poll: Romney tied with unpopular Obama (Daily Caller)

In the crucial battleground state of Ohio, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney appears to be the only Republican candidate who can beat President Barack Obama, despite the president?s sinking popularity in the state.

According to a Public Policy Polling poll released Thursday, Obama?s approval rating in the state is upside down, with 43 percent saying they approve of his job performance and 52 percent saying they disapprove.

But none of his competitors are particularly popular either. Of all of the Republican contenders, only former Godfather?s Pizza CEO Herman Cain boasts a positive approval rating: 41 percent to 37 percent. Nonetheless, in a head-to-head match up, Cain would lose to the president 48 percent to 45 percent.

Mitt Romney is the only Republican to hold President Obama to a tie, with each getting 46 percent of the vote. Romney also has upside down popularity, with 36 percent saying they have a favorable opinion of him and 48 percent saying they hold an unfavorable opinion of him.

Romney is able to draw votes not just from Republicans, but from independents and a few Democrats. Eleven percent of those who voted for Obama four years ago say they would vote for Romney this year. Romney would get 12 percent of Democrats and 46 percent of independents, compared to just 32 percent for Obama. Cain also draws significant support from independents.

The poll is based a survey of 581 Ohio voters from October 13 through October 16. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Giuliana Rancic Recovering Breast Cancer Surgery -

Giuliana RancicReality TV star Giuliana Rancic is recovering after undergoing breast cancer surgery on Wednesday.

The presenter is "doing well" at home after surgeons performed a two-hour double lumpectomy, according to her husband Bill Rancic.

He tells breakfast show Today, "It was kind of a long day. There's many steps in the process when you go through this...? She's a trooper. She pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out. She's doing well at home and recovering."

Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer after her doctor urged her to have a mammogram scan before beginning another round of in-vitro fertilization treatment.

Giuliana Rancic


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Ed Rendell: Romney would win Pennsylvania if election was held today (Daily Caller)

Ed Rendell, the former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, says that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would win Pennsylvania if the election were held today.

?Romney carries the state, narrowly,? Rendell, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told Politico. ?But I think Obama will ultimately win the state, because he?s a terrific campaigner and the Republican Congress has put themselves in a huge box.? (RELATED: Poll: Romney = ?Mormon?)

Democrats have won the Keystone State in every presidential election since 1988, when George H.W. Bush narrowly defeated then-Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis.

Polling indicates that President Obama may have more trouble carrying the state than his predecessors. According to a Quinnipiac poll released in late September, 51 percent of Pennsylvanians do not believe that Obama deserves re-election.

The poll also showed Obama leading Romney 45 percent to 43 percent, within the margin of error, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry 46 percent to 40 percent.


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Friday, October 21, 2011

China rare earths supplier suspends production

(AP) ? China's biggest producer of rare earths is suspending production for one month in hopes of boosting slumping prices of the exotic minerals used in mobile phones and other high-tech products.

This week's move by Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth (Group) Hi-Tech might fuel tensions with the United States and Europe. They have questioned Beijing's decision announced earlier to limit exports while it tries to develop its own manufacturers of magnets and other products made of rare earths.

In a statement through the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Baotou Steel said it wants to "balance supply and demand" after prices for rare earths fell amid uncertainty about the U.S. and European economic outlooks.

Rare earths are a group of 17 minerals used in manufacturing flat-screen TVs, mobile phones, batteries for electric cars, wind turbines and weaponry.

China has about 30 percent of global rare earth deposits but accounts for 97 percent of production. Beijing has alarmed global manufacturers by reducing exports, prompting pressure from Europe and the United States to treat foreign and domestic buyers equally.

Baotou Steel accounts for 60 percent of China's rare earths production "so the impact on the market supply will be substantial," said Sun Fan, a rare earth analyst for Goldstate Securities in the southern city of Shenzhen.

Sun said that Baotou Steel also plans to buy rare earths to support prices.

"The dual measures of suspension and purchase will offer support for the rare earth prices and make the prices gradually pick up in the future," Sun said.

In China, prices of some rare earths have fallen sharply since June.

The price of neodymium oxide has declined 34 percent to $157 per kilogram, while europium oxide is down 35 percent at $2,904 per kilogram, according to Lynas Corp., an Australian rare earth producer.

Beijing is merging its rare earths producers to tighten control over production, sales and pricing.

It announced in June that Baotou Steel would become the only miner, refiner and seller of rare earths in the northern region of Inner Mongolia, a production center. It said 35 other companies there would be merged or closed.

Sichuan province in the southwest and Shandong in the east also have abundant rare earths deposits.

The United States, Canada and Australia also have rare earths but stopped mining them in the 1990s as lower-cost Chinese ores flooded the market.

Since then, Chinese officials have been concerned that uncontrolled exports were allowing Western and Japanese producers of lightweight magnets and other products made of rare earths to capture most of the profits.

Companies are restarting production in Canada, California, Russia and elsewhere but it will be some time until those supplies make it to market.

In September, China's Ministry of Land and Resources ordered a further tightening of controls on exploration, mining and sales of rare earths, which it called China's "21st century treasure trove of new materials."


AP researcher Yu Bing contributed.


Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth (Group) Hi-Tech:

Associated Press


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French president, wife welcome baby girl Giulia (AP)

PARIS ? Proud papa Nicolas Sarkozy, the first French president to have a baby in office, says he and wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy feel "a very profound happiness" over the birth of their baby girl ? the couple's first child together.

Mother and daughter, he added, are doing very well.

After a day of keeping the nation guessing, the first lady announced the baby's name on her website Thursday night: Giulia.

"I'm very touched by the numerous messages of congratulations that are coming in since the birth of our little girl Giulia," Bruni-Sarkozy wrote.

After being unusually coy about the pregnancy, Sarkozy was ready to brag.

"We are lucky to have been blessed by a new arrival," Sarkozy told journalists on a visit Thursday to a waste management plant in western France. "All parents can understand the very profound happiness Carla and I feel, and at the same time everyone can understand that this happiness is all the more profound because it is private."

Privacy was the guiding principle of the baby's hush-hush birth Wednesday. Police officers posted outside the maternity clinic kept journalists at bay, and it was only Sarkozy's frequent visits Wednesday that tipped the news media off as to what was going on inside.

The tight control over news of the birth appears to be part of a strategy aimed at portraying Sarkozy as absorbed in resolving the problems gripping France and Europe.

The eurozone debt crisis took priority over the baby on Wednesday, as Sarkozy jetted off to Frankfurt for a last-minute meeting with the German chancellor while his wife was in labor. He was absent for the child's birth shortly before 8 p.m. (1800 GMT), according to BFM TV, but visited the clinic upon his return to Paris.

Sarkozy also made an early morning visit to the clinic Thursday, ahead of the trip to the waste management plant. Sarkozy was presented with an oak sapling in honor of his daughter.

In a rare interview during her pregnancy, Bruni-Sarkozy vowed to keep her baby out of the spotlight and pledged not to release any photos.

In a letter to Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron told the French leader that he and his wife Samantha were "thrilled to hear the news." Last year, Samantha Cameron gave birth to a baby girl while her husband was in office.

It was not clear whether Sarkozy's new daughter might help bolster his dismal approval ratings. In France, politicians' private lives have historically remained just that, and people here seemed largely unaffected by news.

"I'm happy for Mr. Sarkozy and his wife, but that's it. It don't care that much, in fact," said Olivier Cottarel said.

Sarkozy is expected to seek a second mandate in presidential elections six months away. However, recent polls put his chief rival, Socialist candidate Francois Hollande, in the lead.

Communication expert Christian Delporte said the baby's birth could be a political boon for Sarkozy or it further damage the already wildly unpopular leader as the presidential campaign heats up ahead of the.

It could "soften his image" and humanize him, Delporte, who heads the Center for Cultural History and Contemporary Societies, told the Le Figaro newspaper. "(But with) the country's suffering, the image of him happy with his wife (and baby) could appear almost indecent."

Still, the birth marked a historic event ? the first time a French president has had a child while in office. Sarkozy has also set other benchmarks, being the first French president to divorce and remarry while in office.

Sarkozy and Bruni-Sarkozy, a former supermodel, were wed in a small private ceremony in the Elysee presidential palace in February 2008, less than a year after Sarkozy took office and fewer than four months after his divorce from his second wife, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz.

The president has three boys from his two previous marriages, while Bruni-Sarkozy has one son from a prior relationship.


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Castrodale: Why does Tebow get so much heat?

Broncos QB deserves respect for his beliefs even if you disagree

Image: Tim TebowAP

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will start Sunday against the Dolphins.


By Jelisa Castrodale contributor

updated 2:10 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2011

Jelisa Castrodale

When I was a kid, I was a seriously picky eater, mashing every home-cooked meal into an unappealing, untouched smudge in the center of my plate. My parents would sigh, give me whatever peanut butter-smeared combination of carbohydrates I?d accept, and hope that I?d eventually try foods that didn?t have a 10-year shelf life. I lived on JIF and grape jelly until until my mother noticed the laundry-faded Los Angeles Rams jersey I wore every day and said, ?Jim Everett eats his vegetables. He wants you to eat yours.? She was close ? most of the NFC fed him a steady diet of Anaheim Stadium grass that season ? but it worked.

I imagine that somewhere in the Colorado suburbs, a harried mother is lifting a fork toward a reluctant elementary schooler, hissing through clenched teeth, ?C?mon. Tim Tebow wants you to eat your vegetables.? And I?m sure he does. If asked politely, he?d probably make an appearance in their kitchen with a glass of milk, an orthodontically enhanced smile and a passage from Corinthians. After everyone?s plates were cleaner than his reputation, he?d politely excuse himself, returning home to spend the evening hand-carving a set of wooden prosthetics for a limbless orphan.

I?m only half-kidding. He?d probably opt for Galatians instead. But the very real possibility of that scenario is why Tebow has spent the past two seasons as the NFL?s most intensely scrutinized, incessantly criticized second-string quarterback ? and now he can be the most incessantly criticized starter.

It should be impossible for anyone to dislike Tebow, the person. He tweets individual fans to thank them for coming to his book signings, he takes Special Olympics participants to rock concerts, and is deeply involved with the foundation that wears his name, the one that raises money for orphanages and pediatric cancer centers.

So what does he get in return? A @WhyTebowSucks twitter account, infrequently updated websites such as and and an Official ?I Hate Tim Tebow? Facebook page. There was an ESPN ?Outside the Lines? piece that spent 10 minutes reminding everyone how polarizing he is. Even Hulk Hogan took an afternoon away from taping an episode of his wrestling dwarf reality show to bash Tebow on "SportsNation."

Tebow is, obviously, a good guy. A great guy. But he?s also been propped up as the personification of virtue, spending the past five years as an archetype more than an athlete. That?s not to diminish Tebow's athletic abilities ? he?s a first-round draft pick who?s built like a bomb shelter ? but he?s been put in a position to attract additional criticism, a different, darker kind of denunciation than he?d get if we knew nothing of his life beyond those mile-high sidelines.

The NFL?s other backup-turned-starters don?t generate this type of negativity. There?s never this kind of eye-rolling reaction to, say, Minnesota?s Christian Ponder, so we?re left to ? and you know EXACTLY what I?m going to say here ? ponder the Christian.

The personal attacks and angry facial expressions that follow Tebow seem to have less to do with Denver?s 1-4 record than they do with Romans 1:16, which reads ?For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.? That?s one of the verses Tebow inked beneath his eyes at Florida, during that season when his eyeblack had more Scripture than the bedside table at an airport Sheraton.

I'd be exaggerating if I described myself as a Tim Tebow fan. Despite the St. Christopher medal suffocating in the back of my glove box, I don?t consider myself religious; the closest I get to Jesus is a middle-of-the-night airing of "The Big Lebowski." But I do sympathize with Tebow for the slings and arrows he endures, including the endless examination of his beliefs.

Want an example? At the 2009 SEC Media Day, Tebow had to respond to inquiries about his sex life, respectfully fielding the kind of questions Ben Roethlisberger hired a lawyer to avoid.

I don?t get it. Why is it easy to embrace a me-first NBA player who christens himself "King James," but we don?t readily accept the NFL-er who quotes King James? I?ll take Tebow?s unapologetic around-the-clock assertions of his faith over the empty gestures airmailed from the end zone, when every third-down back feels obligated to high-five the Almighty after a garbage-time touchdown.

Speaking of garbage, the Denver Broncos finished with a franchise worst 4-12 record last season and have sputtered to a 1-4 start, thanks in part to Kyle Orton?s 58.7 completion percentage. Other players would?ve turned water to whine by now, speaking out of turn, criticizing the coaching strategy or strongly suggesting that they get a chance to start. Not Tebow, who stood supportively on the sidelines, ears tucked beneath a mesh-backed hat as he reminded himself that thou shalt not covet thy neighbor?s playing time.


More newsGetty Images
Biggest surprises, storylines

Rosenthal: The first six weeks of the NFL season have set the table for what should be a predictably unpredictable playoff push.


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Hybrid Wisdom Labs Launches A Speedy, Scalable Engine For Visualizing Customer Insight

photo1Ken Goldberg, a professor of New Media, Robotics, and Industrial Engineering at UC Berkeley, launched an interesting new startup from the stage of The Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today, called Hybrid Wisdom Labs. The startup, according to its founder, has emerged from "more than a decade of robotics and social media research at UC Berkeley", resulting in today's launch of its patented "Collaborative Discovery Engine", a scalable way for companies to rapidly generate realtime insight from their customers and employees. To date, the technology has been used by General Motors, Unilever, Humana, and the US State Department, Goldberg said.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sotheby's to sell real drawing by fake artist

LONDON (AP) ? Auctioneer Sotheby's has sold work by artists great and mediocre, famous and obscure ? and now, by an artist who never existed.

The London auction house said Monday it is offering a drawing by the talented but fictional American abstract expressionist Nat Tate.

Tate is the creation of British novelist William Boyd, who wrote a fictional biography that included reproductions of the artist's drawings. It was published in 1998 complete with endorsements from David Bowie and Gore Vidal, who were in on the joke.

Tate later appeared as a character in Boyd's novel "Any Human Heart."

The work, "Bridge No. 114," has an estimate of 3,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds ($4,700 to $7,900). Proceeds from the Nov. 16 sale will go to a charity, the Artist's Benevolent Institution.

Associated Press


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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Int'l court probes Ivory Coast post-poll violence (AP)

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast ? The International Criminal Court will investigate three to six people in Ivory Coast for their actions during the West African nation's violent six-month-long political crisis, the court's top prosecutor said.

"We will focus on the most egregious and the most responsible," Luis Moreno-Ocampo said late Saturday during his visit to Ivory Coast as part of the court's recently opened investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity. Officials said Sunday that he had left the country.

He said the public will not know the names of the international court's suspects until he collects evidence and the judges review it.

"I don't know (who they are) yet," he said.

Moreno-Ocampo said national authorities should investigate other suspects.

Ivory Coast Justice Minister Jeannot Ahoussou said Sunday that he wants "very strongly" to collaborate with the court.

He said he and Moreno-Ocampo discussed on Saturday "how the Ministry of Justice and the International Criminal Court can collaborate."

Earlier this month the court's judges authorized the prosecutor to investigate violence committed after November 2010.

On Saturday, Moreno-Ocampo said the probe may look at violence committed as early as 2002.

"Today people volunteered to provide us with more information," he said. "The judges are requesting more information and we will provide it."

Human rights groups have called on the court to probe violence committed before the elections, when the nation was plunged into civil war, then underwent a de facto split along north-south lines.

Former president Laurent Gbagbo failed to hold elections when his first term ended in 2005. After a poll last November, he refused to accept his electoral defeat. Thousands died during the political standoff that followed.

Moreno-Ocampo did not meet Gbagbo during his visit, but said: "We will probably request through his lawyers to interview him."

On Sunday, a spokeswoman for Ivory Coast's prosecutor's office said authorities arrested a fugitive military commander accused of serious crimes while working as a top aide to the former first lady. Habiba Coulibaly said Commander Anselme Seka Yapo was arrested Saturday.

In 2005 the U.N. accused Simone Gbagbo of leading death squads to kill opposition members.

French and U.N. forces assisted the forces loyal to President Alassane Ouattara who removed Gbagbo from power in April. Ouattara took office in May.

Ouattara asked the international court to investigate crimes committed by both sides during the postelection crisis.

During his visit Moreno-Ocampo met with Ouattara, with Prime Minister Guillaume Soro, with victims, members of the opposition and with the president of the newly formed reconciliation commission.

The commission, the prosecutor said, can address victims' needs immediately, unlike the court.

"For those who were raped, who lost their homes, they need assistance now," he said. "They don't need to wait for a judge's decision."

Human Rights Watch says over a dozen people on both sides, including Gbagbo, led fighters to commit war crimes and likely crimes against humanity during the postelection violence.

Gbagbo's spokesman Kone Katinan has said if he is to be judged, it should be by his own people rather than by an international tribunal.

Pro-Gbagbo newspapers have accused the international court of being one-sided. But residents have expressed optimism about the court's involvement.

"It's good to have someone from the outside of the country investigating ... they can be more impartial, and more credible," said beauty product distributor Kone Tresor Korona, 33, a resident of Abidjan who hails from the north, like Ouattara.

"Since the government is also doing an investigation, we can compare the (results of the) two, and hopefully when we put them together we can be closer to the truth," Korona said.

The Ivory Coast investigation is the court's seventh, all of them in Africa. So far, none of the cases has reached a verdict.

Ivory Coast is not a member of the court, but has accepted its jurisdiction in the case. It is the first time the court has opened an investigation in a nonmember nation following such a recognition of jurisdiction by a nonmember state.

Despite their lack of member status, the prosecutor said authorities have welcomed him.

"This is the first time in which we have a good relationship with national authorities. They are allowing us to (speak with) victims," Moreno-Ocampo said. "It's an interesting, new experience."


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Feeding the masses, fueling a movement (AP)

NEW YORK ? Seventy-year-old Phyllis Coelho plunged her blue gloved hands into a plastic sink of gray soapy water and spent an afternoon last week cheerfully washing dishes "to support the revolution." The retired social worker had traveled from Belfast, Maine, the day before with her 78-year-old friend and fellow dishwasher, Jane Sanford.

They headed directly to the protest at Zuccotti Park because, they said, it was time to "show up."

At a table behind her, Nan Terrie, an 18-year-old law student from Orlando, Fla., was furiously chopping carrots and onions even as she juggled cell phone calls from people wanting to donate food, and handed hastily scribbled "to do" lists for other volunteers. Anj Ferrara, a 24-year-old artist, was tearing open some of the 40 boxed pizzas that had just arrived. And Tom Hintze, a 24-year-old bike tour guide, was trying to figure out the logistics of getting a truck and driver to pick up massive trays of pulled pork that someone wanted to send from Brooklyn.

The makeshift "kitchen" in the center of the park is the ever-evolving heart of the Occupy Wall Street encampment, managing to feed thousands daily even as it scrambles to figure out how to deal with an endless flow of donations.

But the people who work there ? and those they serve ? say it is much more, imbuing it with the same fervor that has marked the protests from the beginning.

"Revolution is fueled by eggplant parmigiana!" cried David Everitt-Carlson, smacking his lips and cleaning his plate after dinner. Sitting cross-legged in a cardboard box daubed with the words "I think outside the box" the unemployed 55-year-old said that, after months of homelessness, he had never eaten better.

Bagels and eggs for breakfast; pizza and burritos for lunch; fresh salads, organic vegetables and casseroles, pasta or barbecue chicken for dinner. Endless helpings ? all fresh, all free. And all served amid the deafening din of protest: masks and marchers, drums circles and dancers, chanters gripping signs exploding with rage at corporate gluttony, all surrounded by barricades and a phalanx of police officers.

"There is so much ingenuity and innovation right here in this kitchen that is so lacking in so many other areas of the country," said Sam Tresler, a 32-year-old consultant from Brooklyn as he dropped off a pot of mashed potatoes he had cooked that morning. "It's inspiring."

The kitchen has no on-site oven or refrigerator or stove, just fold-up tables, tarps, racks of food and tanks of water.

Truckloads of fresh fruit and vegetables arrive daily from organic farms in upstate New York and Vermont and Massachusetts, steaming containers of chicken and rice, burritos and lasagna are sent from restaurants all over the city, tubs of Ben and Jerry's chocolate and cookie dough ice cream arrived one sunny morning (and was scooped by the company's chairman of the board, Jeff Furman), and there is a seemingly never-ending delivery of pizza pies, ordered by phone from supporters all over the world.

In the general spirit of the protest, the kitchen has no appointed leaders, just what volunteers jokingly refer to as an "organic hierarchy," meaning those that have been around the longest make the key decisions and assign the daily tasks. Newcomers ? and they have come from Haiti and Colombia and Japan as well as from all over America ? are generally put on cleanup duty. Others monitor the compost pack and environmental water filtration system.

There is a receiving table for locals who show up with bags of corn or a homegrown eggplant or a bush of basil. At another table a volunteer jots down the names of people who offer their home kitchens for protesters to cook and clean in.

"What you see in this kitchen is pure and inspirational and filled with great hope that we are moving towards something better," says Hintze, who generally makes a living hosting bike tours around the country. But he says he wouldn't be anywhere else. "We needed a reality check and the Arab Spring gave us one. This is where I'm meant to be."

As he is speaking an 80-year-old Jamaican woman who is visiting her daughter in Queens walks up, gives him a great big hug, and gleefully stuffs a single $100 bill into the plastic donations container. She doesn't want to be named, she says, because she intends to do the same next week and "I don't want people to think I'm rich."

Later another woman silently drops an envelope containing $1,000. Other donations have come from organized groups. The Corrections Officers' Benevolent Association of New York City donated food to feed approximately 800 people. And the United Federation of Teachers donated a huge storage space on Broadway, about seven blocks away, where the hundreds of UPS boxes arriving every day ? filled with canned food, and sleeping bags and blankets ? are sorted and stored.

But from the kitchen perspective, the most crucial donation happened a few days ago, when the Rev. Leopoldo Carl of Overcoming Love Ministries in Brooklyn wandered into the park and offered the use of his soup kitchen ? a state-of-the-art commercial operation capable of cooking for more than 1,500. The church, he said, had plenty of cold storage too.

"My congregation wants to help," he boomed. "And many of them are homeless."

Volunteer Heather Squire was incredulous. She had spent the past week desperately searching for such a space, so that the protesters could store fresh produce for the winter and move away from the daily trips to home kitchens that are simply not equipped to cook in volume. She had even talked with a real estate agent about renting a commercial facility ? a sore point among some protesters who would rather spend donated money on food.

"I'm an atheist," Squire says. "But there is something mystical happening here."

The 31-year-old sociology graduate from New Jersey works in restaurants because she has been unable to find a permanent job. She joined the movement on Oct. 1, the day of the march on the Brooklyn Bridge and was one of 700 arrested that day. It was "chilling" being behind bars for hours, Spire said, but it solidified her resolve to stay with the protesters. And so, the next day, she found herself washing dishes in a very different kind of kitchen.

Amy Hamburger, 29, had been backpacking in Kentucky a short time before the protest began, but came home to Queens to spend time with her ailing father. A friend encouraged her to go to the first protest and though she had never considered herself an activist, something compelled her to stay.

"It just feels like this is exactly where I am meant to be," said an exhausted looking Hamburger one evening last week, red-eyed from working at the kitchen for nearly 48 hours. By now, she's getting used to lack of sleep. She has been volunteering since the very beginning, when protesters were surviving on peanut butter sandwiches and pizza. For Hamburger, the evolution of the kitchen has been nothing short of a miracle.

"There is this amazing synchronicity," she said. "Every time we really need something, it just seems to appear."

"There's a gestalt here," said Deborah Mulligan a 57-year-old attorney from Madison, Wis., who, having slept on the marble floors of Wisconsin's State Capitol during the union protests last winter, felt an obligation to join the protesters in New York. "When you eat together and break bread together, you talk and you learn and you get even more informed and inspired," she said.

Shane Stoops, who has also been in the kitchen since the beginning, has a more personal take. The self-described "Renaissance man" from Washington state says he has always been a bit "radical" and always had a testy relationship with his dad, a shipyard pipefitter.

"For the first time in his life, my father told me he was proud of me for standing up for something I believe in," said Stoops, 23. "Feeding people is a beautiful thing, but so was hearing those words."


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ipad hacks: improves capabilities

An ipad is a device developed and manufactured by Apple Company. Its co-founder, the late, Steve Jobs is well known to have come up with this concept as a way to offer the market something different that has never been seen before. The ipad is one of apple company?s greatest achievements, having sold more a million of these devices since its introduction. To fully understand why the ipad has become the most preferred choice for many consumers, you have to [...]


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Business Presentation ? Helping You Succeed As A Project ...

October 10th, 2011 by MyAt_67 Leave a reply ?

You may wonder why you should enrol business presentation courses when you are trained within the technicalities within your job being a project manager.?As a project manager you should have the ability to motivate a group of people to complete a set of tasks, and making business presentations is a great part of this. Sad to say everyone seems to be dumb struck with the potential customer of dealing with someone, and that to within a clear and helpful manner.?If this is your situation then you will find it very difficult to get people to understand what you expect of them. In addition, you will also find it hard to convince bosses and clients about the progress of the project as well as your expectations unless you can develop your presentation skills.

There are business presentation skill courses that will enhance your skills regarding how to effectively lead a project. You will learn how to structure your presentations in the correct manner so that they convey all the information that is necessary.?There is a correct format to a presentation that includes all information in a structured manner.?Additionally, it?s also advisable to figure out how to make presentations within a great manner.?You should be able to grab the attention of your audience right at the beginning and retain it till the time you sit down.?Furthermore you will learn how to cope with lots of different questions within the audience without worrying about producing a negative impression with regards to you.

You will also gain a lot of confidence in your public speaking abilities once you get the correct input from the best presentation courses. You will no longer be afraid of standing in front of a crowd no matter how senior the audience members are to you. This will help you immensely at your work because you will be able to make teams of very different people work together to achieve a common objective by having the right communication skill course.

The other advantage of attending business presentation courses is that your increased confidence will help you grab a variety of business opportunities that come your way. Your personal life will also benefit from this since you will be able to communicate better with all the people in your life. Identify the best possible courses you could attend because they will help you get rid of your fear of making presentations.

Article By: Rizvana


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hugo Chavez to return to Cuba for medical tests (AP)

CARACAS, Venezuela ? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday he will return to Cuba next week to undergo a series of medical tests to evaluate his cancer treatment.

"I'll be in Cuba next week because they have to conduct very rigorous examinations that are possible thanks to Cuban technology," Chavez said during a brief telephone interview broadcast on state television.

Chavez said he is undergoing constant treatment, exercising and meeting with doctors as part of his efforts to recuperate. He said he even sunbathes under the Caribbean sun.

The president, who finished what he described as his fourth and final round of chemotherapy in Cuba last month, said he is "under constant observation of my doctors" while attending to day-to-day government tasks.

Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba in June to remove a tumor from his pelvic region. He has not revealed what type of cancer he is battling, but he has said that tests have shown no signs of a recurrence.

He vowed last week to win next year's presidential election and govern Venezuela for another six years or more. He said he is drafting a national development plan that would run through 2030.

"I have a very big commitment with all of you," Chavez said.

During a government-organized event featuring pro-Chavez humorists Monday night, Chavez contacted the packed auditorium and drew chuckles from the crowd.

"The doctors told me my hair is growing, and I'm thinking of growing an Afro," Chavez said by telephone, prompting applause and laughs from his backers.

Loudspeakers delivered his comments to the crowd.

Pro-Chavez lawmaker Earle Herrera, a university professor who presented a book of political satire at the event, took a dig at Chavez's opponents for constantly condemning his flirtations with communism as part of a joke about the president's treatment.

"The opposition says Chavez won't be cured because the Cubans are using Marxist chemotherapy," Herrera said, setting off laughter.


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Your thorough satellite direct review in addition to whole capabilities ...

This article show the actual satellite direct review. Your communication can be impacted by weather conditions, for instance water or maybe wetness while during the air, that will could affect your transmittal. Nevertheless, every one of these price ranges in concert however charge under cable tv support. But if you happen to be contemplating how to get cost-absolutely zero cost satellite TV devoid of involving the TV providers immediately, this treatment is merely what you?re really searching for. Provided listed down the page, will be applicatory content along with reviews about satellite direct software package that can assist you settle if this software is made for you actually. Right soon immediately just once linguistic process a lot of PC TV computer application reviews you can find that this kind of merchandise as well as assistance is just not ideal so far.

Upon having set up many you may be capable of watch 2000 channels across the globe. However to tap these types of channels, the individual would need to get the proper TV having devices and install this appropriately inside neighborhood. Your satellite dish offers a two-way data communication for equally transmission and wedding wedding party associated with data. You?ll find the user software that can present you with more than hundreds associated with TV channels along with many radio stations stations that you could access gratis. With this center from palm, you may well be capable of file your favorite exhibits in TV and also savor them to the completest due to clearness they will furnish. You will discover firms which will end up being prepared to supply A subscriber or the very first number of sign up?s to strike a package upabout totally free of charge dish installation. Even so, remember that these kind of software package cannot really renew cable television like superior as well as supply the paid channels. With the choices throughout channel pick, this program even offers a really understandable slot.

1 system that?s especially useful throughout watching TV coming via ones PC will be the TV radio receiver card. Blood type TV receiving set card is a type of telecasting receiving set of which enables pc or mobile computer systems to acquire video signals. A tunercard might come in the design regarding a great internal PCI card or perhaps an USB box. Additionally, this might be on the electronic digital camera or the particular analog sort.

Due to improves around high speed Internet practical application along with the option of this accumulated bandwith, at this point, you possibly can enjoy along with gratify in precisely what on earth is called PC satellite TV or even World wide web TV. This really is attained through sending squeezed files using a smaller sized data transfer rate. You will discover all of these over the Internet or even find 1 around your current locality. The next step is actually completing the priorities as well as considering the equipment with regards to dimension and operation. In that case continue ones unit, and you?ll be capable of build the actual channels you would like to observe.

Your wonderful thing about doing nothing by your own personal laptop or computer system is actually that it permits you to continue to be updated with your favourite TV reveals even when you are operant or maybe if you are traveling. Concurrently, you are able to remain updated around the concerns transpiring at your residence administrative district. Because net TV is definitely in essence a global assistance, you never simply get to watch national channels and TV displays and also the international TV displays. Actually, the internet supports a massive aggregation associated with television channels in addition to applications, which includes people coming via other countries and people that are not becoming aired with regular TV seeing that portion of government-controlled media channels. Also, not only is web television available time unit group A solar mean solar time unit seven days a week, yet it also reduces the actual handheld remote device wars which usually arise withinside the house lounge.

If you wish to observe these types of channels with a Hd tv, you can use A cable connexion and perform the set up having discussing the particular direction from the support service company. The particular ?Cost-absolutely zero cost to Air protocol? is used by means of ?Satellite Direct? pertaining to transmission. Once you?ve shrunk him to give want to your own home, your alternatives gets on a what precisely he / syour dog delivers. There are lots of even alot a great deal further holding regarding satellite direct which might be fine to get known .

If you decide to want to understand way significantly a whole lot considerably a good deal a bit more, only move over visit here for satellite direct
The web page showed will probably provide an entire watch on the software program and definately will give type A much apparent mental imagery of the precise trade goods.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chief Financial Obligations On RV Camping Trips | Free Articles ...

Planning up a plan meant for an RV excursion is usually more speculation and estimation than a precise science. Within this post we will consider the most important variables that could lead to one?s spending or lack thereof. As you will find as many individuals undertaking RV camping escapes as there are people, your style and methods of traveling will to a great extent impact the exact sum total you will expend. Via undergoing a small amount of consideration along with planning prior to setting out on the road it is possible to at the very least approximate how much you could spend throughout one?s journey. Endeavor never to let a plan take away from the pleasure of your RV camping event however, as following a austere budget and plan could possibly take away from the delight that could be had. Seek and allow some spontaneity in your vacations for max pleasure.

RV coach Leasing or Payment. This is without doubt one of the key regions where you will spend the most money when Recreational vehicle living. Leasing an Recreational vehicle may be quite steep depending on how large the recreational vehicle is. Nearly all will rent the Coach on line, so the costs will probably be obvious. Make sure to add in insurance in the event your auto insurance policy doesn?t cover RV coach rental fees. In the event you are in ownership of the RV coach, the regular payments plus insurance shall be the primary expenditure here. You may want to include the price of depreciation here if so disposed.

Gas outlay. This chief item of expenditure may change subject to the amount motoring you plan to do. For those who will tend to be staying on a lake and fishing for a week, as an illustration, gasoline consumption would be low. Proceed through the journey that you?re planning out and try to estimate within good sense the amount of mileage you probably are driving. Multiply this by anticipated miles per gallon your RV will get, and you?ll estimate the price of gasoline for the tour. Gas costs can easily alter determined by state or even locale, as a result this can be a approximate figure at best, however offers a good suggestion of basic costs.

A minor factor in ones expense plan will be price of service during your journey. Those leasing really needn?t be concerned here as the rigs tend to be current recent vehicles, and are perfectly looked after. In case a specific thing fails the actual leasing business will certainly cover it as part of the cost. Owners will want to take care of breakdowns as well as repairs while you are traveling prior to when issues turn into some thing significant so we bring up this consideration here.

Groceries plus dining out. This can be a part of one?s vacation that you may keep on top of pretty without problems, and something whereby persons could possibly spend a ton of money. if you want to save cash the most here, you will really want to try to make the majority of each of your personal meals which happens to be simple enough in most present day Recreational Vehicles. If you?d prefer to eat and drink out as an element of the actual traveling experience, in that case this can be one place for which you would certainly budget funds as a form of amusement costs. In the event saving dollars is the intention, just a little advance contemplation can easily help a lot towards reaching a person?s goals, such as making a decision that you will eat at restaurants twice each week only.

Amusement and Attractions. One additional area for you to carry out some cost control is going to be restricting just how many entertainment venues and visitors attractions you are going to partake in as part of your trip. Quite a few national and state government parks will likely have unavoidable entrance costs if your interest is going to be inside of them. A great many natural destinations will have entrance payments additionally. These can be located using an on-line search for those that have concerns involving spending excessively. You may want to also include retailing within this grouping also, for the reason that kids can sometimes be key in starting expenditures here.

The place where a person parks their rig will certainly have a major effect on the entire trip costs. RV parks together with RV parking facilities range the entire gamut everything from primitive camps with no facilities, to complete solutions that come with pretty much everything a person happens to expect from any high end destination. Even though we tend to makes use of the phrase ?forest service camp?, that isn?t synonymous with cheap for the reason that the majority of state campgrounds together with woodland campsites are climbing in total price with each and every passing year.

Hopefully a lot of these basic points have brought up a couple of aspects where one can carry out a little bit of foresight groundwork and research to, when looking forward to taking a great RV vacation in particular those of you that will be watching all those funds. For the people on a restricted spending budget, running through this particular list could actually help ease any possible distress you might experience in your getaway, or even when you are heading back to your home at the same time still allowing for the enjoyment of the trip.

The author has been enjoying and breathing the Recreational Vehicle way of life for more than 3 decades. Come see him at and to learn more about campervan insurance and much, much more outdoor living associated information.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

San Jose council committee rejects Councilman's Sam Liccardo's request for audit of business incubators (San Jose Mercury News)

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Jessie J dominates UK's MOBO music awards (Reuters)

LONDON (Reuters) ? British singer Jessie J won four MOBO awards on Wednesday, dominating the prizes that celebrate music of black origin.

The 23-year-old, who is white, scooped the Best UK Act, Best Album ("Who You Are"), Best Newcomer and Best Song ("Do it Like a Dude") categories.

She only failed to make it five wins from five nominations at the awards ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland, when Tinchy Stryder and Dappy won the best video prize with the song "Spaceship."

Tinie Tempah won the Best Hip Hop/Grime category, while Adele was named Best R&B/Soul Act.

Rihanna fought off competition from the likes of Beyonce and Bruno Mars to win the Best International Act Award. All winners were voted for by fans via and media partner outlets.

Following is the full list of winners:

- Best UK Act - Jessie J

- Best Newcomer - Jessie J

- Best Hip Hop/Grime Act - Tinie Tempah

- Best Video - Tinchy Stryder and Dappy/Spaceship

- Best International Act - Rihanna

- Best Song - Jessie J/Do It Like a Dude

- Best Album - Jessie J/Who You Are

- Best Reggae - Alborosie

- Best Jazz Act - Kairos 4tet

- Best African Act - Wizkid

- Best Gospel Act - Triple O

- Best R&B/Soul Act - Adele

- Outstanding Contribution to Music- Boyz II Men

- BeMOBO Award - Youth Music

(Reporting by Mike Collett-White; Editing by Jill Serjeant)


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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ammo Snowboard Video - Spencer Schubert - Snowboard Videos ...

Ammo Snowboard Video - Spencer Schubert

ThirtyTwo and Etnies present an all AM snowboard video featuring Brandon Hobush, Chris Brewster, Dylan Alito, Spencer Schubert and friends. Pro Cameos from Chris Bradshaw, Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens.

Casey Veggies "30,000"
Home, Snowboard
Embed Code:
  • Ammo Snowboard Video - Spencer Schubert

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    ThirtyTwo and Etnies present an all AM snowboard video featuring Brandon Hobush, Chris Brewster, Dylan...

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  • WSF and TTR Pro Snowboarding Extend Partnership through 2014

    Posted by Big Dog today

      Over the past 10 years, TTR Pro Snowboarding and WSF have been working closely together...

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    1-4Star TTR Events
  • Nate Carroll Park Footage

    Posted by Big Dog yesterday

    Nate "pepper" Carroll season of park footage 2010-'11

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  • Kitzsteinhorn - Snowboard Teaser

    Posted by QParks yesterday

    Slowly but steadily, winter is coming back and knowing the success story of last season we can?t wait...

    QParks TV
  • Frontline Railjam 2011

    Posted by Big Dog last Wednesday

    Cees Wille and Gerben Verweij took the car to Stockholm for the seventh edition of the Frontline Railjam....

  • Moreboards Stubai Premiere 2011 - Style Teaser

    Posted by 5stars last Wednesday

    We are so nervous right now and can't wait starting into the snowpark season on Stubai Glacier! From...

  • Session 7, 2011: Snow

    Posted by WindellsCamp last Tuesday

    It?s official: 2011 summer snowboard camp has come to an end. The towropes have stopped, the rails have...

  • Session 7, 2011: Crash

    Posted by WindellsCamp last Tuesday

    Crash boom pow.

    Freeski, Skateboard, Snowboard
  • Session 5, 6 & 7, 2011: Snow Campers

    Posted by WindellsCamp last Tuesday

    Our campers crush it. Just have a look!

  • Session 6, 2011: Snow

    Posted by WindellsCamp last Tuesday

    Six down, one to go, and still riding down to the parking lot. What a summer it's been. Session 6 couldn't...




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Thursday, October 6, 2011

FACTBOX - India's involvement in old ally Afghanistan (Reuters)

REUTERS ? Afghan President Hamid Karzai has signed a wide-ranging agreement with India to deepen ties between the two countries, including to assist in the training of Afghan security forces, a deal that may irk Pakistan as tension escalates in the region.

Nuclear-armed Indian and Pakistan have been bitter rivals since their independence from Britain in 1947 and they compete to exert influence over Afghanistan to further their security interests.

Following are some details of India's involvement in Afghanistan.


India has had good relations with most of the governments that have ruled Afghanistan over the decades with the exception of the Pakistan-backed Taliban who captured Kabul in 1996 and ruled until they were forced from power in late 2001.

Since then, India has given Afghanistan about $2 billion for projects including roads, power lines and the construction of the Afghan parliament. India is Afghanistan's sixth-largest aid donor, giving about six times more than an estimated $330 million given by Pakistan. It has offered to rebuild the Afghan national airline Ariana, donating Airbus aircraft despite a shortage in its own fleet. It also trained pilots.

India has also donated 600 buses, provided experts who have restored telecommunication networks in at least 11 provinces.

Its most significant development activity, however, has been the construction of a road that connects Delaram in western Afghanistan with Zaranj on Afghanistan's border with Iran. This will lessen Afghanistan's dependence on Pakistan by allowing the shipment of goods via the Iranian port of Chabahar.

India is also rebuilding a road linking Kandahar with Spin Boldak, on the Pakistani border.

India is viewed favourably by most Afghans, many of whom, on the other hand, regard Pakistan with suspicion. Many Afghans watch Bollywood movies on DVD and are addicted to Hindi-language soap operas.


Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, India has deepened its diplomatic footprint in Afghanistan, opening consulates in Herat in the west and Mazar-i-Sharif in the north. It also reopened consulates in the southern city of Kandahar and Jalalabad in the east, which had been shut since 1979.

India believes the consulates are necessary because of various development projects it has underway in Afghanistan.

Pakistan, however, says the consulates are largely staffed by intelligence agents involved in stirring up unrest inside Pakistan, especially in its southwest province of Baluchistan where rebels seeking a greater share of the profits from province's gas resources have waged a low-key insurgency for decades. India denies any involvement in the Baluch insurgency.


India does not have any troops on the ground in Afghanistan. But there are more than 500 men from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police and the Border Roads Organisation providing security for Indians involved in the construction of roads, as well as for consulates.

India also trains a small number of officers from the Afghan National Army at defence institutions in India. On Tuesday, Karzai and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sealed a strategic partnership which will include help from New Delhi to train Afghan security forces as international troops prepare to head home in 2014.

(Reporting by Annie Banerji in NEW DELHI; Editing by Krittivas Mukherjee and Robert Birsel)


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marriage & Relationships, Secrets Of Sexual Addiction

Does marriage really ruin a relationship? - Brisbane Times

Charlie Sheen thinks marriage ruins relationships. ... "I had the perfect relationship ... that was ruined by marriage," he says. ... including jealously, porn, addictions ...

Asheville-area Health Calendar - Asheville Citizen-Times

... up your anger by creating change and new relationships. ... to prevent, recognize and react to child sexual ... FOOD ADDICTION: 12-step recovery program for men and ...

Monaco's new princess vows to do it her way - Sydney Morning Herald

Since her marriage, she has been glimpsed in public ... princess was in Paris because of her close relationship ... There's rehab for drug and other addictions, so why ...

Delightfully zany musical melodrama, 'Madame X' - WonderWall

... beauty contest, and the heart and hand in marriage of ... Sexual Favors? Thoma Jane talks about being a homeless ... Moms; Love & Relationships; Online Dating; Travel; Video

Michael Moore Jokes That Jesus Was Gay - Advocate

Dating and Relationships; Good Sex; STDs; Mental Wellness ... against employment discrimination based on sexual ... Says His Gay Friends Influence His View on Marriage

When a Midlife Crisis Becomes Serious - christianitytoday

... justice and evangelism, pregnancy and sexual ethics, marriage ... groups, retreats, and multi-generational relationships. ... sex addiction; sex trafficking; sexting; sexual abuse

Dr. Bonnie Provides Expert Insight into Allegations of Demi and ... - YAHOO!

... into what the couple can do to save their marriage, if ... "An affair doesn't have to signal the end of a relationship ... documentary titled "Unfaithful" and A&E on addictions.

Intensity increases for last eight teams at RWC 2011 - The Province

Family & Child; Seniors; Sexual Health; Diet & Fitness ... Fears about addiction, abuse keep pain sufferers from ... Just (for now) married: Mexico mulls 2-year marriage ...

Travis Barker: My life changed after plane crash -

Marriage, Dating & Relationships; Couple Time & Romance; Single Girls? Guide ... AM relapsed into his drug addiction ...

Can Sharing Lipstick, Lip Balm Or Cigarettes Give You Herpes? -

... general terms, genital herpes is spread through sexual ... The 4 Most Common Causes Of Addiction Relapse ... Obama On Gay Marriage Position: 'I'm Still Working On It'


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some exercises yield more damage than progress ? Health ...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. ? Maybe the biggest barrier to working out is time. Barrier, challenge, excuse?

So fitness trainers hate to see anyone frittering away precious workout periods or filling them with less-than-effective exercises. Actually, it makes them crazy.

We asked a few trainers to point out things they see in the workout world that they really wish they didn?t.

Perhaps a different exercise would be a better use of time. Or a certain exercise ultimately yields more injury and pain than progress. You might be surprised by their picks.

But first, let?s address the flagrant waste of workout time, and the chief culprit here is ? you guessed it ? the cellphone.

?It drives me bananas,? says John Benz, co-owner of CrossFit on 18th in Kansas City, Mo. ?If you can talk on the phone or text, your workout isn?t intense enough.?

Unless you?re taking a call from a patient or a babysitter or some other emergency ? ?Somebody better be dying on the other end? ? leave the cellphone alone, he says. And if you?re using your phone during a class or while working with a trainer, that?s just rude.

Bottom line: If you weren?t actually working out during your workout, you can?t claim a workout.

Instead of crunches, do planks

Corey Scott knows why people do crunches, those truncated sit-ups meant to target abdominal muscles. They want a ?six-pack,? a washboard stomach, that shrink-wrapped look.

But the real way to get the shrink-wrapped look is to shrink the wrap. That requires improving nutrition and cutting calories.

?We all have the same musculature,? says Scott, owner of Corey Scott Personal Training Studios in Prairie Village, Kan. ?It?s just that we have to reduce down to it. The six-pack starts in the kitchen. Or better yet, the grocery store.?

If your goal is to strengthen your ?core,? which means the torso muscles, including stomach, back and hips, your impulse is right on, Scott says. But crunches aren?t good for that, either.

Few people keep perfect form during crunches, he says. And it gets worse as they try to increase repetitions. Most notably they will arch their backs, a strain that can lead to injury.

A simple and effective core exercise is the plank, Scott says. It involves a host of abdominal, back and stabilizer muscles.

Lie on the floor face down and raise your body, ?balancing? on your forearms and toes. Hold for 20 seconds or more, lower your body to the floor and repeat several times. Be sure to keep your rear from poking up or sagging.

For a more advanced plank, place your forearms on an exercise or stability ball.

Instead of rote cardio routines, do interval training

Cynthia Kernodle gives certain people credit ? at least they?re not sitting at home on the couch ? but still it?s disturbing: ?I see the same people on a piece of cardio equipment like an elliptical machine or stationary bike, doing the same thing every time, at the same level.

?It?s better than being sedentary, but they?re not going to change their bodies or increase their aerobic fitness.?

Several problems: The body gets accustomed to long stretches of routine exercise, and fitness doesn?t improve; you increase your risk for repetitive motion injuries; and workouts lack mental focus. They?re boring.

Two solutions, says Kernodle, owner of Choices Personal Training:

If you perform your cardio at the gym, spend shorter amounts of time on each of several machines: elliptical, treadmill, bike.

And switch to interval training, which means alternating periods of high-intensity and low-intensity exercise. The latter are also called rest intervals (but that doesn?t mean to stop).

Intensity is pushing yourself hard to maximum effort, which is a different level for different people. Think of sprinting, running as hard as you can, followed by jogging. Or increase the slope or resistance on a cardio machine for a time, then lower it.

?Even doing that for 30 seconds and then backing off for recovery is going to make changes,? Kernodle said. ?Otherwise your muscles just become immune to your exercise, and they quit changing.?

Instead of bicep curls, do pull-ups or assisted pull-ups

No matter how toned or bulky you?d like your biceps to be, John Benz has a message for the bicep-curl fans among us: ?Way too much time is dedicated to that tiny muscle.?

Benz realizes that the bicep curl, lifting a hand-held weight by bending the elbow, is a hallowed weight-training maneuver. But the time would be better spent doing pull-ups, he says.

Gripping a bar and lifting your body weight will give you great biceps plus recruit an array of muscles in the back and elsewhere. It?s also more aerobic and will improve your grip, forearms and shoulder stability.

Can?t do one? Ask a friend to grasp your ankles with both hands and provide just as much support as is needed for you to lift your body and get your head above the bar, Benz says. Or, at first, stand on a chair or stool and approximate a free-hanging pull-up.

And if you?re too old school to completely abandon bicep curls?

?Less than 3 minutes,? Benz says. Hit them fast, intensely, and move on.?

By now you?re picking up on a general theme here: For fitness and function, choose exercises that work large and multiple muscle groups rather than those that attempt to target specific muscles.

Instead of leg holds, do alternating leg exercises

Our legs contain the body?s biggest muscles. They?re heavy. That?s one reason leg-hold exercises can cause injury, Kernodle says.

For leg holds, people lie on their backs and with their legs straight, raise them to a right angle with the floor, then lower them to about 10 inches from the ground, hovering there as long as possible.

This is meant as an abdominal exercise, with the legs serving as dead weight. But remember the crunch? Similar issue.

?You see people?s backs arching away from the mat or the bench,? she says. ?Really their lower back is taking the strain, and the abdominals aren?t working.?

Anyone with chronic lower back pain shouldn?t do leg holds, Kernodle says. Others risk injury unless they maintain perfect form, with the full spine against the floor.

Here are a couple of alternatives:

Lying on the floor face up, bend the right leg at the knee and keep the right foot on the floor. Extend the left leg and raise it off the floor, hold for several seconds, and return the left leg to the floor. Make sure you don?t push your right foot against the floor, which recruits the right hamstring rather than the abdominals. Then switch legs.

Now, lying face up, arms at your sides, position your legs as though sitting in a chair, thighs at a right angle to the ground and knees bent. Lower one leg to the ground and return to the starting position. Do the same with the other leg.

If you find yourself arching your back, place your hands, face down to the floor, under your rear.

Instead of overhead shoulder lifts, do scaptions

Scott was at a fitness convention when a physical therapist asked a group of trainers whether they instruct their clients to do shoulder presses and other overhead weight-lifting routines for shoulder strength. Most hands shot up.

?Stop it,? the therapist said. ?I?m tired of trying to fix all these patients with messed up shoulders.?

Pushing heavy weights above the head is a staple of gym work, but be wary of injury, Scott says. Especially as people age, such weight training can damage shoulder joints and tendons. A common term is ?shoulder impingement syndrome.?

Try scaptions as an alternative, he says.

With light to moderate weights in each hand, place your arms about even with your front pockets. Now raise the weights to just below shoulder height, then lower them. Your arms are angled rather than straight at your sides or straight in front.


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