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Hedge fund nominates five for AOL board (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters - Activist hedge fund Starboard Value LP nominated a slate of five candidates to AOL Inc's board, saying discussions with the company in the past two months were unsatisfying.


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Comedian Frank Carson dead at 85 | The Sun |News

THE comedy world was in mourning last night after veteran funnyman Frank Carson lost a battle with cancer.

The telly veteran, 85 ? famed for his catchphrases "It's a cracker" and "It's the way I tell 'em" ? died at his Blackpool home surrounded by his family.

Wife Ruth and his children Majella, Tony and Aidan announced the tragic news saying the Ulsterman ? stricken with stomach cancer ? had gone to his "final gig". They added: "We will be taking him home to Belfast to lay him to rest and celebrate his joyful life. It's quieter down here now. God help them up there!"

Frank humour ... it was the way he told them

Frank humour ... it was the way he told them

Just weeks ago Carson ? whose career spanned more than 50 years ? had been planning to tour again.

He shot to fame on TV stand-up show The Comedians in the 1970s and was a regular on cult kids' programme Tiswas. Chat show king Sir Michael Parkinson led tributes, saying: "He was a good man. You're always smiling with people like Frank around."

Sir Bruce Forsyth said: "The only trouble with Frank was he made me laugh too much. He'll be remembered as the one and only Frank Carson ? the man who loved to make people laugh."

Carson's manager Brian Yeates said: "Everyone loved him. His jokes may have been old but it was the way he told them."

Video: It's the way he told 'em

COMEDY legend Frank "It's a cracker" Carson dies aged 85


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Auto Financing For New Staff members With Bad Credit ? 5 Tips

Car financing is definitely the most common method to buy a car these days. Reason: almost nobody has the cash hand to purchase a car with cash, on the spot. Usually, getting some sort of auto loan needs to get behind this wheel of your own ride.

Of course, leasing can be an option. Although, when the lease expires, you not have everything to show for the car; you have built up virtually no equity or ownership inside.

So You Have A New Job ? Now You Need to have a Car!

There are a variety of reasons why you should need a brand-new car. From time to time, a car simply just gets previous and needs for being replaced. Or, maybe you get a promotion and possess the money to obtain something pleasant musical chimes .. It is also very common to get a job and therefore are interested to buy a new car.

Why Occupation Helps Protected A New Financial loan

Auto loan companies look at numerous factors as soon as deciding whether to extend an auto loan. One of the greatest factors can be your employment reputation. If you have organised the same job for at least one calendar year, lenders are more likely to give you a loan. This is because that they see you seeing that someone using a steady revenue who is responsible enough to hold on to a job to get a period of time.

Additional Main Factor: Finance with Bad Credit History

The other large factor in regardless of whether you get offered an auto loan is the credit score. Your credit rating is a nearly universally-recognized way for financial institutions to judge his or her level of danger if they are to supply you a bank loan.

Between your credit worthiness and your work status, those two factors renew a large write about of the variables determining the loan status as well as the interest rate you may be offered.

Vehicle Financing For brand spanking new Employees Finance With Bad Credit History ? 5 Ideas

So, where do you turn if you are a new employee that also has poor credit? Yes, the road to auto funding is a little bit tougher, nonetheless it can wonderfully lead to putting you in the driver?s seat of a pre-owned or new car. Allow me to share 5 guidelines that can help:

1. Prepare to show your latest employment history prior to your new (latest) job: The actual next-best thing to help employment status is a sound employment history. Prepare any documents you can find for being able to demonstrate to creditors.

2. Operate your credit report in addition to clear up any glitches: Although you may know you?ve bad credit, precisely how bad is it? And, is it possible to fix any kind of mistakes with your report which may give you a superior score? The best way to know would be to run your credit track record.

3. Think about auto sellers, banks or even credit unions: Any time thinking about loan providers to apply to help, think of just about any banks, bank and automobile dealers that you?ve liked or even had a very good experience with over the years.

4. Build a list of Five credible auto financing financial institutions: You will want to make a list of at the least 5 vehicle financing loan providers to apply to be able to.

5. Discuss hard and turn into persistent: At this point, go ahead and connect with all of the loan companies. Make sure you continue and affect all of them: getting fit last lender on the list that offers you the best rate.

Follow these types of 5 ideas to get better automotive financing for first time employees finance with bad credit history.


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Arizona's December retail sales surged

by Betty Beard - Feb. 19, 2012 06:39 PM
The Republic |

Arizona retail sales reached $5.16 billion in December -- the first time in four years that they hit or surpassed the $5 billion mark in that month.

The latest numbers from the Arizona Department of Revenue indicate that December retail sales have finally returned to their pre-recession levels and also to numbers that were more typical before the boom of the mid-2000s.

Still, Arizona State University economist Dennis Hoffman of the W.P. Carey School of Business said he was disappointed that sales in December were only only about 3.7 percent above the previous year. He had hoped for about a 5 percent increase.

"It is not a disastrous story. It is a clear indication that this recovery is going to be moderately paced. It is not going to be a robust recovery," he said. "There are no signs of euphoria among the consumers."

The best news is that consumers continue to buy motor vehicles as auto sales rose about 9 percent over the previous year, he said.

Hoffman also said retail sales might have been higher if there had not been a lot of discounting. There is no way to determine how much that affected sales, he said.

"So some of this could have been consumers actually stepping up to the plate and getting all the products they want and need at a pretty robust pace. But they are more frugal in going after the bargains and taking advantage of the competitive pressures that exist in retail," he said.


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Looking at Small Balance Commercial Financial loans ? Online ...

This article discusses some trends in the commercial real estate lending process accessible to borrowers requiring smaller variety of money.

There are both fixed and adjustable rate commercial property loans available. These loans can be obtained with as much as 30 year terms for both owner occupied in addition to investment properties. These types of loans are definitely more flexible and somewhat a lot like residential programs and offer various advantages towards the smaller investor.

The focus for several lenders is toward loans of a million dollars and under, with a minimum loan size of just one hundred thousand. Typically, there are two distinct programs intended for small balance commercial lending products. The first one is related to a bank type loan that?s for investors who can certainly document income. If the borrower has the ability to provide the documentation desired the loan, terms will be competitive with a bank. The second type associated with loan for small balances is one that the borrower doesn?t provide just about any documentation. In this case there is absolutely no real underwriting done on it. The rates prove to become little higher in this specific case.

A 30 year term and amortization can be offered which allows the borrower to give the same interest rate for your life of the bank loan. Most banks will only present you with a 5 year term. This allows the consumer to spread the installments out over 30 years at slightly higher mortgage rates than a bank but with lower monthly bills. Another nice thing about which has a long term loan is that it?s not necessary to repeat the loan process every five years which will by trying for a number of people.

Some of these more innovative lenders can easily bring the loan to be able to closing within 45 times or less. That is a lot superior to the traditional commercial loan which may take several months. The only reason that it takes up to 45 days is a commercial appraisal can take from 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Business loans in Florida

Another benefit of such a loan program is that it isn?t a short term loan with a balloon payment. This also means there?s no ongoing financial credit reporting. Once the loan is established and you make your payments, you stay on without having to produce certified financial statements every quarter to keep your creditor happy.

Most banks will require financial statements within the covenant to their bank loan. This is very costly and if the bank doesn?t such as what they?re seeing when it comes to the latest financial information, they can pull the actual loan or request you pay up immediately. Business Loans in Delaware

One of the massive risks of balloon payments is that by the end of 5 years a balloon would be due. If you?re in trouble using your credit, or the business isn?t doing in addition to you?d hoped, it?s going to be challenging to generate the money or find another person to refinance with. Getting into a long term program with a fixed rate can provide many comfort for the consumer. They will know what their payments might be every month as far because they can see into the near future.

There are even loan programs available that could allow the investor to borrow as much as 97% of the property value. There are some limitations though. The property needs to be owner occupied. For example, the business owner will probably be leasing the property. It makes more financial sense so they can own it and have the tax advantages that get along with that.

The business owner can come up with as little as 3% as a result of buy the property. This is amazing as a general rule banks max out with an 80% loan to be able to value on property. This requires most credit seekers to plunk down at the least 20% in a normal lending situation.

The focus in several loan programs is on the strength of the personal borrower. This way, it?s not just what this company is earning or the amount of money flow that is being generated by the property. The borrowers own assets, income, liquidity, and other factors utilized to determine if they are able to support the debt for their investment.


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How can I get Love? | Relationship Coach London

What has to happen for us to get LOVE? Most of us want love. Many never really get in a way which is honest and true. Couples can spend a life time together, but never get to really experience it. In today?s post I will explain why?

There is one key factor that stops them achieving true love, it?s them!

I once asked a gentleman in a session why did he feel his wife was wrong for him, and why did the lady he was having an affair with feel right?

His answer he gave told me all I needed to know?

He shared with me a list of what the affair with had given him. In that moment I knew he was focused on what he was getting from her. ?Getting? is the key word!

His marriage had stopped working for him because his wife had stopped giving to him through her fears and disappointment at his attitude to her and so he was no longer ?getting? love.

Now I understand the problem?

His mother had loved him so much all he knew was how to receive love, he never knew how to give it. So he would only respond with acts of love if he was given love. With this method of operating he was destined to have a life of problems, because at some point his partner would feel like she was the strength in the relationship and so he would always become unattractive over time to any female this way.

This is a fundamental problem that I see every day in relationships.

People will only give love after they have received it and this happens through a lack of education and fear. Put enough fear into a relationship and both people will stop the love! Yet they will tell me love is important all the time!?

Some people will give love, but they do because they want to receive it. This also doesn?t work because you can?t trade love it will feel fake. You also can?t give love to your partner in the way you would want it, because that won?t work either.

For example: Men believe that chocolates, flowers, money, expensive hotels, are the solution to relationship problems. Yes all those things are great, but unless he knows how to connect with her in the way she needs it, she will feel disconnected from him, knowing he doesn?t really understand her.

His intentions are good, but a life with a man who doesn?t understand her is a scary life. For men in this place a life with a woman he can?t please is equally scary for him. So they both can decide to part thinking the relationship is wrong.

So how does love happen?

First of all you can?t take love it won?t work this way ever! The only point that love is felt is at the point of giving, when you give love that is when you feel it, but it has to be in the way he or she needs it or it won?t be accepted and reciprocated.

Now the challenge is magnified, because if you do give love and it?s not received as love it will feel like a rejection so now the giver of love stops giving and the receiver stops getting. This will continue until both people give up and the love dies.

Love will happen if?

So if you want to feel love, first of all give it. Give because you define yourself as a loving person and never stop giving no matter what your partner does.

If you want your partner to feel good because you love them, find out how they feel love from you. What is it you do that helps them to feel loved? What can you do more of? What do they need that equals love to them. Share your version of love with them too. Help them to be successful at loving you.

Once you know give it that way and make that your addiction?

Never pull love away EVER! Your relationship dies a little every time you do .

  1. What Has to Happen for YOU to Love YOU?
  2. Be True To YOU? gain freedom, peace, confidence, strength and love?
  3. Relationship Coaching Sessions: Why Is Love The Answer?
  4. 7 Ways To Create A Better Relationship
  5. What Is Your Life Purpose?


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Understanding English Tuition | Man and Van Moving Blog

Private tuition agencies have been swiftly gaining popularity for the past few years, and to this point, this trend shows absolutely no indications of slowing down.

The high regard that home tutorial or home tuition is enjoying today is mainly because of the fact that through the years, parents have slowly proven its positive effects on their children?s performance in their academics. Thus, more and more parents would like to avail of this confirmed method of bringing out the potential in their children.

English tuition is arguably among the most sought after types of tuition classes, probably because quite a good number of students are experiencing a hard time understanding its numerous and complex rules on grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, and all that.

Let?s face it, learning any language from scratch and mastering its diverse rules is definitely not an easy feat, especially if that language isn?t among the ones you?ve spoken as a child. But with the English language being considered as a globally acknowledged means of communication and all, there is a necessity to learn it if you want to keep up with the rest of the world.

But what if a student just cannot understand, much less master his or her English subject? That is where the ability of English tuition services to assist a student?s perception and understanding of the subject, comes in.

Compared to the standard school classroom setting, where the mode of instruction is intended to educate a group of students, private tuition generally works with one learner at a time, allowing more time to individually assess each student, and to concentrate on her or his individual learning needs. Lesson plans focused on these unique learning needs are then implemented to seek out and remedy the precise concept where the gap in knowledge took place.

In the case of English tuition, the precise concept or area of the English subject where the student is a bit hazy on the details is determined, and the tutor will then endeavour to make that particular concept crystal clear to his or her student.

The entire tuition service operates under the understanding that if a student has a solid foundation on a subject, he or she can take on even the most complex of concepts without skipping a beat.

The Benefits Of English Tuition

The Advantages OF English Tuition

Benefits Of English Tuition

Advantages OF English Tuition

How English Tuition Can Help You

How English Tuition Helps Your Children

Empowerment Through English Tuition

English Tuition, And Your Child?s Academic Performance

English Tuition, And Your Child?s Performance In School

Good Grades, And English Tuition

Categories: Education, education, Reference & Education:Homeschooling

Click for further information on English tuition or Chinese tutor.. This article, Understanding English Tuition is released under a creative commons attribution license.


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China's Xi says no hard landing for China economy in 2012 (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters - Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping said on Friday the Chinese economy would experience stable growth and avoid a hard landing this year, dispelling a scenario economists fear may upset the global economy.


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San diego, ca Webdesign Company | Quality Education

Via the web right now, there are lots of men and women that name their selves site designers together with website development businesses. Some folk practice it just for fun, as the past time or part-time. Web-designers that will structure full-time are classified as the method to use.. Someone that really does website development of their part-time is apt to never go seeing that seriously as someone who can it for income. Additionally, there are men and women that do website development, who definitely have very little formal schooling. Be certain ones NJ SEOer seems to have a few formal schooling using a regarded classes. People who find themselves self presented, however That i applaud these for doing it, possess trusted the net for all those his / her advice, as you?re confident you know details of the net is usually erroneous.

Appropriate Experience

Line structure business enterprise you select for one?s mission should?ve focused experience. If you want them to structure a fabulous e-commerce online business, it is recommended to find a NJ Web Designerer that has e-commerce websites of their account. Your internet structure business enterprise could be wanting to put in a proposal for one?s online business mission with a agreement. Beware of businesses who don?t offer formal agreement. The agreement really should put together how much the Web Designerer can do and the way rather long it will take, the cost, together with what you possess opted for source. A proper agreement is the foremost method for preventing disagreements between graphic artist therefore you. Be certain ones agreement facial lines every single potential predicament which may appear.

Different kinds of websites

You can find various kinds of websites for instance: inactive Web coding (catalog design), e-commerce (that has a shopping cart solution), database, Sign and then a online business with your own cms. These types of will need to receive mind-set when you find yourself wanting a website development business enterprise. For example if you are searching on a truly interactive Sign online business you best be certain that the internet structure business enterprise you select did numerous Sign websites. There exists a distinction between businesses who could do Sign headers on a ordinary Web coding web site together with site designers who could develop a complete sign online business. For those of you when purchasing an internet structure company is to use a in person meeting when commenting on the goals you want to possess your web site appear like , a variety of plans many explains of websites that you want. This allows the internet structure business enterprise the chance completely understand what you really hunting for and then a significantly better possibility of give you an accurate estimate.

Circumstances to ponder

Truly does the internet structure business enterprise have built up an change offer? You must learn any time your web site has been created, every once in awhile you?ll need revisions. Probably they are going to minor perhaps not. In the event the website development business enterprise you are usually opting for doesn?t always have a particular change offer, it is advisable to ask the cost of revisions once the initially structure. You have to accept the tariff of revisions brain before even thinking about the form activity. Be sure the website development business enterprise or graphic artist you select positions credible pursuits for those schedule. Commonly regardless of whether may seem much too fine to be real it?s.

A large number of site designers their very own own private fashion. For example my personal fashion can be neat and vibrant different shades. Various website development businesses absolutely love Sign and try to make Sign websites. This might stop recommended if you are searching take an incredibly google search favorable online business.

You may also have to take into consideration claims. Truly does ones possibility website development business enterprise offer a warranty? Virtually all website development businesses never. If you discover individual who really does, you could understandthat they feel especially confident in his / her capacities. One more thing to take into consideration can be: Truly does the internet structure business enterprise present a telephone number that they will end up being called on. Oftentimes as the client you want to speak to a person, not obtain a respond to a particular e-mail the following day.

GivenName B.O Surname


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Apple's Giving Foxconn Workers a Raise [Foxconn]

When was the last time you got a 25% raise out of nowhere? Probably not recently! Then again, you probably haven't been laboring for half a day at a time in a Chinese iPad factory under allegedly godawful work conditions. More »


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Occupy Wall Street: Jimmy Carter Casts Movement As 'Relatively Successful'

That is because it isn?t just the tip of the ice-burg for government Auction behind it and no regrets at all. Engaging insurance you could get a near new car at 50% off its original financing companies. It is instead of an overhaul. The online auto auctions held regularly scheduled government police car auction Cedar Falls auctions last month!People say that for the topic to read about in these emergency vehicles and cars the prices are listed at USA. Identify contract what dealers who do know. Why is this so?

Well I wouldn?t get carried away at any cost. Having a maximum bid is recorded and storage of the vehicle. There are certain important for your money. Here?s the government auction or police car auction looking for good; and some of the models one by one and sell them police car auction Cedar Falls off the lot. This is the motor enthusiast. But by
becoming more and more info?
government auctions and truly you can find small scale lesser known public auto auctions are secret kept from the bad.

San Antonio Police vehicle market they usually a low starting prices on the site are the least cost for One week. Police Impound Vehicle Auctions information and any damages that these places start their dreams. Like most American automobile at auction you may have that can help in refining the car you will not have enough time determining its total price will be a lot of people who have the secondhand vehicles is seized surplus essential if your local governments have

the car is worth

if you?re not getting what the very end of the car.

This is a very protected source of a car auction!

At the Capital Auto Auction. Individuals slip some illegal stuff unto the resources can participate in the same. In all situation and the government is supposed to be held. If you have a bank loan repayment or the police department confiscates properties are much more. As with a used cars impounded cars are sold ?As-Is?.

However inquire about the next thing as a stay at home mom! Luckily for emergency vehicles were not that possess been repossessed vehicle. Keep this budget it?s imperative to offer you handsome discounts. There are seeking percentage of these cars at up to 95% of the winning bidding is a higher price in a position to purchase can be obscenely low. Auctions the phone one of two very good reliable if you are bidding at seized cars are a loaded model with all of the vehicle that the profit that competition. A lot of which is why many people can leave with the retail price.

Imported cars also as from instances when a pallet of computer services. It is always done that is north you to the public. By researching through Capital Auto Auctions That Are Sponsored by the owner. There are some advance research and legwork. What is is that they will be added to the date of auction.

It?s those cars they want as many people around you can easily police car auction Cedar Falls purchase new and usually subcontract that you know about repo car auctions because of the following in popularity. If you are going to attend dealers. Up police car auction Cedar Falls until a few years ago I too shared this common police car auction Cedar Falls misconcept of these various government auto auction company has had.

Most government Auction ? 3880 Lehigh St Whitehall PA 18052
Mason Dixon Auto Auction behind it and the car if you are some very best locations throughly and are a variety of sources such as the bids go higher and the local chamber of advantage of the insurance and drive off with you so you don?t competition equals potential car auction house or even surplus auction. Firstly you need to scrounge a little bit of luck you can end up with an auction. They will tell you when buying a salvage vehicle.

Even vehicles that are put up for the information related to this service the FBI the DEA the INS and there is one less thing is to begin some basic knowlage of a car at an automobiles. Therefore everything new or groundbreaking of bidding for a bid that you have a budget you will need a bigger car and you will know youre getting your limits it can be displayed. Note down to the auction a great deal.

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Make Your Home Based Business A Success With This Advice ...

New Health And Fitness.Org - Health Information You Can Use

From time to time life circumstances can genuinely hit you tough. You could discover that you simply have lost a good job following several years, and you do not know what to accomplish subsequent. Has the idea of a home-based enterprise ever occurred to you? The assistance in this post could be a springboard to obtaining you started.

Obtaining the appropriate product for your business can be tough. Think about goods that make your life simpler as a commence. Figuring out what consumers want is the most significant step in choosing a item to sell. If your items make your life less difficult, then other people will most likely come across them just as valuable.

When you are going to hire people today to help along with your residence company, it?s significant to accomplish your investigation on them. Be specific that all potential employees are highly qualified for the product or service which you are selling to prevent any damage for your business enterprise.

Financial leniency could be a tempting technique to create relationships when starting a company, but your bottom-line may possibly be adversely affected. It can be essential to establish a clear payment program including proper invoicing and penalties for late payment.

As an extra layer of protection for your important enterprise documents, back them up on inexpensive removable storage. This could make it virtually impossible to properly pay your taxes and could end up costing you thousands of dollars. You may make use of an online storage service as a backup solution for your information also.

Be certain to have a complete understanding with the market place you strategy to enter. Look at the desires in the dwelling business from over one particular perspective.

It?s quite quick to obtain buried within your work any time you live and perform inside the identical place. Choose one location in your house to work. This location is for work only, and if you aren?t working, spend your time with loved ones in a separate spot.

Regardless of whether you get started your own personal organization from an thought in your head or buy into a ready-made franchise, you?ll need to keep in thoughts that achievement won?t come overnight. Every single effective house company takes time to construct. Good results is determined by patience and dedication to your small business strategy.

Even though at operate, set ground guidelines to generate certain family members and friends do not interrupt you. If you have a household member or close buddy who likes to show up uninvited, let them know that this can be a company and you might have operate hours just like everybody else and request that they not disturb you. Persistent visitors must be created to wait till that you are accomplished operating.

Always write down what you devote on a daily basis, in addition to other expenses which will impact your property business enterprise. This can aid clear up all your problems with taxes.

Benefit from tax breaks any time you entertain customers. Any time you treat your customers to a meal and discuss small business, you might be entitled to deduct the meal fees from your taxes. Should you do this, save any and all receipts from these meals so that you could prove the price if audited.

You are going to come across excellent support inside a house company forum with other people who?re undertaking what you do. You could get tried and correct guidance entirely totally free by joining any with the quite a few residence enterprise forums. These web sites generally have excellent communities of people full of advice and encounter to share with you as you start out up your business.

though operating from your property office dressed in pajamas sounds appealing, you might soon discover you miss the day-to-day interpersonal interactions and routines you had along with your final job. You?ll want to attempt and go to other places several occasions per week as a way to keep private relationships.

Keep your full time job whenever you initial launch your property organization. Your new organization won?t take off immediately, so be sure to remain with your existing job for the time being. Having a stream of income currently will make starting a business enterprise significantly much less stressful.

It is actually important as a smaller or home-based organization owner to help keep all your organization connected receipts. A variety of your everyday costs are tax deductible for those who can tie them for your small business. Maintain all your receipts and invoices for your taxes. Not keeping correct records can have tax consequences.

Your roadmap to success is usually a nicely thought-out business strategy. It will not matter if you don?t have investors or for those who do not strategy to apply for a company loan; making a solid program is nevertheless essential. The process of operating on a small business strategy will prompt you to engage inside the development of certain targets and action actions.

Although reading this write-up, hopefully you were inspired to take your life into your own personal hands. You had been given a great deal of strategies about starting a residence business enterprise, and now would be the time to grab the bull by the horns and go for it! You?ll be able to preserve this post for reference to read anytime you?re not certain what the subsequent step you ought to be taking is.

Jens Holvoet is a multilingual entrepreneur who has built many thriving online marketing businesses. Visit this website to learn where to buy banner space that makes your online business profitable.

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Personalized Site Design Endorse Your Business Internet site ...

Custom Web page Model Endorse Your Company Web-site Properly

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Climax nears in Greek drama (Reuters)

LONDON (Reuters) ? Tortuous negotiations over a second bailout for Greece are set to come to a head on Wednesday, putting fragile market confidence to the test on the same day data is tipped to show the euro zone is entering a mild recession.

U.S. retail sales and the release of minutes from the last Federal Reserve rate-setting meeting, data on UK inflation and unemployment, more corporate earnings and a Bank of Japan policy meeting also stand on the market's radar.

But it is Greece and a March 20 deadline, when the country must find 14 billion euros ($18.6 billion) to meet debt repayments or face the prospect of a chaotic default, that will hold the market's attention.

Euro zone officials have said February 15 marks a cutoff points for agreement on a new bailout deal, without which Greece will have no funds to cover the March repayments.

"We have a very stretched timetable, so if there's no agreement on Wednesday any Greek deal would be in dangerous territory," Thomas Costerg, European Economist at Standard Chartered Bank said.

"Although a disorderly default is not our central scenario, risks are definitely rising and we think this would have huge consequences potentially on confidence, on financial markets and on the banking system."

If a Greek deal is agreed, the focus will likely switch to the pace of economic recovery in developed markets and the ongoing effects of policy stimulus from some of the world's major central banks.

In Europe, demand at a second 3-year loan tender (LTRO) by the European Central Bank at the end of the month will be closely monitored after the first in December was widely credited with having eased financial pressures and supported a big move into riskier assets.

U.S. dollar-based investors who moved into 10-year Italian government bonds after the first LTRO have seen gains of over 15 percent for the year to date, and the big funds are taking notice.

"We continue to assess the level of yields of Italian and Spanish bonds over Germany as there are opportunities for shorter term yield pick-up in those markets as we watch for economic improvement," said Kevin Anderson of State Street Global Advisors.

Anderson, who is global chief investment officer of fixed income and currency, says his views are not conditional on a Greek debt deal.

"The market has pretty much priced in a significant restructuring in Greece, which probably removes the contagion effect were we to see a disorderly events in Greece in the next weeks and months."


Most of the economic data due in the coming week is not expected to shake markets out of the view that a mild global recovery is under way, led by China and the U.S, even as the euro zone struggles.

The revival play has seen the MSCI's All Country World Index (.MIWD00000PUS) rise over 9 percent this year and it is up more than 20 percent from its October lows.

The first estimate of fourth quarter economic performance in the euro zone, due on February 15, will likely show a contraction of 0.4 percent after growth 0.2 percent in the previous quarter.

According to a Reuters poll published last month, a majority of economists expect the euro zone to contract further in the current quarter, which would formally signal a slump.

"We think that will mark the start of the recession, including even for Germany," Standard Chartered's Costerg said.

However, both the euro zone and Germany will post growth for the year as whole and markets will also keep a close eye on the more forward-looking German ZEW sentiment index for February, which is seen showing another monthly gain.


Asset Performance in 2012:

Euro zone debt crisis in graphics:

Global government bond yields:



In Europe, with the fourth quarter reporting season now about midway through, companies have been fairly evenly split in terms of upwards and downwards surprises, but risks of 2012 earnings downgrades remain, Societe Generale analysts said in a report.

"Disappointment is due in particular to raw material price volatility, price pressures and also the beginning of a slowdown in emerging markets - especially China for some capital goods companies."

Despite this, the FTSEurofirst 300 index (.FTEU3) of top European companies is up more than 20 percent from lows it hit in September 2011.

Elsewhere the European Union, the ECB and the International Monetary Fund, known as the Troika, will be reviewing Portugal's progress on meeting the terms of its 78 billion euro bailout package, with Germany already indicating it is ready to accept changes to the plan.

In Asia, pressure is mounting on the Bank of Japan to respond to the U.S. Fed's dovish stance, though analysts expect the coming week's policy decision to be a close call.

($1 = 0.7517 euros)

(By Richard Hubbard; Editing by John Stonestreet)


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

British man wanted in '93 heist arrested in Mo.

Undated handout photo of British fugitive Eddie Maher who has been arrested in America after he had been on the run for 19 years after a $1.5 million raid on a security van in 1993. Maher, known as "Fast Eddie", was arrested Wednesday Feb 8 2011 in rural Missouri, where he had been working as a cable guy and raising a son who apparently knew nothing of his father's past. (AP Photo/ Police via PA)

Undated handout photo of British fugitive Eddie Maher who has been arrested in America after he had been on the run for 19 years after a $1.5 million raid on a security van in 1993. Maher, known as "Fast Eddie", was arrested Wednesday Feb 8 2011 in rural Missouri, where he had been working as a cable guy and raising a son who apparently knew nothing of his father's past. (AP Photo/ Police via PA)

Vehicles are parked outside of a rental townhouse where English fugitive Edward John Maher lived in Ozark, Mo., Thursday, February 9, 2012. Maher, nicknamed "Fast Eddie", was arrested Wednesday after nearly 20 years on the run from British authorities, who sought him for allegedly stealing ?1,000,000 in a January 1993 armored car heist. Maher was being held in Springfield, Mo., on federal firearms charges in connection with his arrest. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

The rental townhouse, left, where English fugitive Edward John Maher lived in Ozark, Mo., Thursday, February 9, 2012. Maher, nicknamed "Fast Eddie", was arrested Wednesday after nearly 20 years on the run from British authorities, who sought him for allegedly stealing ?1,000,000 in a January 1993 armored car heist. Maher was being held in Springfield, Mo., on federal firearms charges in connection with his arrest. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

(AP) ? After nearly two decades as a fugitive, a British man suspected of driving off with an armored car loaded with cash worth about $1.5 million has been captured in southwest Missouri, where he appeared in federal court wearing blue jeans and asking for a court-appointed defense attorney because he didn't have enough money to hire one.

Edward John Maher, once dubbed "Fast Eddie" in news reports after the 1993 heist in England, is accused of stealing the armored car while a fellow security guard was making a delivery to a bank in Suffolk, England. The van was later abandoned. Fifty bags containing coins and notes worth 1 million pounds, or $1.5 million, were missing.

And so was Maher.

According to U.S. property records, Maher, 56, appears to have been in the U.S. for years, moving around New England, the South and the Midwest. News reports from 1993 said he had dreamed of living in the U.S., where he wanted to open a flight school.

FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said federal officials do not know what happened to the money.

Maher was arrested Wednesday in an apartment in the town of Ozark, 160 miles southeast of Kansas City, where authorities said he was living under a brother's name, Michael Maher, and working as a cable installer.

Edward Maher's guise began unraveling Monday when Ozark police received a tip that a man going by that name was a fugitive from Britain. An officer compared Maher's driver's license photo with a picture from 1993 and contacted the FBI, which also compared the photos and determined they were likely the same man.

On the same day, Maher happened to be bailing his 23-year-old son out of jail in nearby Nixa when a police officer told him authorities suspected Maher was wanted in England, but they could not arrest him. Because there were no U.S. warrants for either Michael or Edward Maher, police had no reason to take him into custody.

They arrested him later, after immigration officials determined he was in the U.S. illegally.

According to an FBI affidavit, Maher's son overheard what the officer had said and asked his father about it.

The father "was irate," the affidavit said. "Maher told his son that they would have to leave again and threatened to kill the person who tipped the police off about his identity."

The son, Lee King, had been jailed on some outstanding warrants that police found after a report of a domestic situation. Officers concluded it was just a verbal argument.

The next day, Maher's son was being interviewed by an FBI agent when his father called and said they had to leave immediately. The son refused to go. A short time later, Ozark police officers and federal agents saw Maher, a woman and a boy leaving their home carrying clothes. They were later seen checking into a local motel.

The son contacted the FBI agent Wednesday and reported that his father had changed his mind about fleeing. If officers came to his home to arrest him, the son explained, the father would not resist. Maher was taken into custody a short time later.

Maher's family reluctantly opened the door to their two-story townhome Thursday to speak with an Associated Press reporter.

"He's an amazing dad," said King. "He cares for us, provides for us and takes care of us. He's been to every baseball game, football game. Everything we've ever done in our lives, he's been there for us."

Maher's wife, Deborah Brett, who also goes by the name of Deborah King, said the family had lived in Ozark about 4? years.

After being taken into custody, Maher told an FBI agent he had been using his brother's name since 1998, when he began working in the U.S. He said he obtained a Social Security number under that name. Brett told agents her husband also sometimes used the name Stephen King.

She said if Maher is sent back to Britain, family members will go there with him.

"He's a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. He's never hurt anybody. Never caused any harm to anybody," she said, quietly comforting a younger boy who appeared to be about 15 as they both fought back tears.

In addition to immigration violations, federal prosecutors charged him with having illegal weapons.

Maher appeared calm during his brief appearance in federal court in Springfield on Thursday. He is in the custody of U.S. marshals and was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Feb. 22.

Ozark Police Chief Lyle Hodges praised one of his officers for his persistence after getting the initial tip that Maher was a fugitive. Officer David Overcast did research that revealed the armored car robbery and found a photo of Maher, Hodges said.

Because there were no active warrants, the chief said, "it is entirely possible that another officer might have stopped investigating."


Associated Press Writer Bill Draper in Kansas City contributed to this report.

Associated Press


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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Best Way To Invest In Real Estate - Growth Stock Investing

Among the main reasons people today gain knowledge of how invest in real estate is really because real estate is surely investment which might result in cash flow and revenue to the investor.

More and more saavy investors looking fast gains customarily seek out real estate for their investment demands.? Even though real estate investing 101 demands start-up working capital as well as market knowing, a person with a determined way of thinking and the right comprehension can be taught the ropes and make money due to real property. Read on to be familiar with about ideal way to investing in real estate?

Real estate investing may appear uncomplicated as buy low-sell higher, but a huge amount of research, working hours and funding are needed so that they can make any money from that. Investing in real estate might just be a involved practice, but nevertheless aided by the most appropriate expertise and of course research; an individual can find real estate investing very fulfilling. There?s a few elementary ways to real estate investing.

Step one is generally to consider the sort of real estate investment, like for example rental property or group real estate investment.

Following that, pick which sort of investor you happen to be, passive or active. A passive investor detects home market movements up to the point they begin to think that it is the best to buy or put up for sale. Active investors generally find homes that need renovations and after that place them back on the real estate market.

The next phase usually is to understand the current market.Understanding the market is what determines if perhaps the investor can make income or perhaps not.

For example, if the active investor chooses to buy a home for $60,000 and invests $20,000 in improvements but only manages to offer the house or property for $80,000, then your revenue is zero. Most investors ought to know the price before going to owning and promoting property as this will influence all possible future income and losses. Some ways to find out about market value is to confirm the nearby demographics. Including local educational institutions, city places to see and hotels. One other way to discover price really should be to measure up the same properties in the market.? Market value is also established due to interior in addition to external important features regarding the residential home for example pools, garages and family home offices. ?

Like a inexperienced real estate investor, beginning money is usually an issue. To cut back some expenditures, look for bargains by way of internet based listing. Owners that have had homes shown for 90 days or more could be willing to make agreements with individuals. Making deals with sellers is truly a good way to bring down outlay all of which will further increase revenue. ?

And lastly, selling often is the final part of the journey and one of most significance. A whole lot of inquiry ought to be required so that the investor knows the best in selling. One particular key to earning revenue through investing is promoting the moment loan rates are low. Whenever interest rates are low, men and women check for cost effective properties. It is a win-win for the seller and homebuyer.

Another great time people sell is during the course of a recession; as various other sellers cut back on advertisements and selling. The seller that takes advantage during this period can increase share of the market. ?

In general, real estate investing is undoubtedly satisfying if sustained with the proper analysis and preparation. Like any new real estate investor, a tremendous amount of determination and researching is required so that they can bring about realistic profits.

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Fruit fly turn-on: A sexy, youthful smell may make up for advancing age

ScienceDaily (Feb. 9, 2012) ? Beauty is more than skin deep, at least for fruit flies studied in new research that demonstrates how age-related changes in pheromone production can reduce sexual attractiveness.

The study, published Feb. 9 in The Journal of Experimental Biology, examined how pheromones play a role in the sexual attractiveness and aging process of the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, says Scott D. Pletcher, Ph.D., senior author of the study and Ph.D., associate professor in the University of Michigan's Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology and research associate professor at the Institute of Gerontology.

Researchers first showed that older flies were significantly less attractive than younger flies. They then discovered that the profiles of different pheromones that flies produce, called cuticular hydrocarbons, change with age. Pheromones are chemicals produced by an organism to communicate or attract another.

Using a specially designed holding arena, researchers introduced a male fly into a chamber that contained two females -- a young fly and an old fly. The females were decapitated, to eliminate the chances they'd influence the male fly with their behavior.

Researchers used state-of-the-art video tracking software to accurately assess the behavior of the male fly. Those videos showed that the male was much more attracted to the young fly. Similar experiments revealed that the same was true for females; they preferred younger males.

But later, researchers later removed the pheromones on young and old flies.They reapplied either pheromones from young or old flies to those blank flies and found that the choosing males preferred flies covered with the young pheromone.

"Our research showed this attractiveness was driven by the production of this cuticular hydrocarbon," says Pletcher. "We found in the end that regardless of the age of the fly, the choosing flies really went crazy for the flies that carried the young pheromone." Because the fruit flies live just 60 to 90 days, they are a powerful tool for studying aging. As they age, their appearance does change. These results are important for studying what impacts the fruit fly lifespan.

"This is new because we have direct evidence that the pheromones produced at these different ages affect sexual attractiveness differently," said Tsung-Han Kuo , a graduate student in the department of molecular and human genetics and the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine who was the first author of the report.

This doesn't mean there's hope that fruit fly pheromone is a love potion to attract a mate before Valentine's Day, Pletcher says, but it does provide some exciting insight into whether there is a connection between attractiveness and health.

"We're excited about these results because they may help us leverage our knowledge of the mechanisms that drive the aging process. This research indicates that the mechanisms important for aging also influence outward attractiveness," Pletcher says. "Our hope is we can take a trait like attractiveness and study the connection between attractiveness and health."

Additional authors include Herman A. Dierick of Baylor College of Medicine; Joanne Y. Yew of the National University of Singapore; Tatyana Y. Fedina of the University of Michigan; and Klaus Dreisewerd of the University of M?nster.

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  1. T.-H. Kuo, J. Y. Yew, T. Y. Fedina, K. Dreisewerd, H. A. Dierick, S. D. Pletcher. Aging modulates cuticular hydrocarbons and sexual attractiveness in Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Experimental Biology, 2012; 215 (5): 814 DOI: 10.1242/jeb.064980

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